How to Stop Water from Splashing in the Sink?

Water will essentially splash around the faucet depending on its nature and use. Water can be observed splashing around the faucet but cannot prevent it. Regular use such as washing dishes, washing hands, or using water may cause splashing. All we have to do is wipe it up, and that’s it.  A general concern or misconception about splashing is that water will eventually cover the…

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How to Remove Limescale from Shower Door?

What is limescale, where does it come from, and why does it become visible on the glass?  Usually, the water we are using in our daily life is not chemically purified. Instead, it contains multiple minerals and metals such as calcium, magnesium, or fluoride. How hard your water is, depends on the number of minerals carried in the water. Therefore, when the water is hard,…

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Matte Finish Bathroom Tiles

How to Clean Matte Finish Bathroom Tiles?

Proper cleaning and maintenance of bathroom and kitchen tiles not only ensures hygiene, but it is also significant to keep them in good condition to avoid damage or wear over time. significant  A matte tile may not look shiny, but it provides a better grip and often does not slip. In addition, there are patterns or designs; that can help provide a better grip even…

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Stop Sliding Shower Door from Leaking

How to Stop Sliding Shower Door from Leaking?

If you need to clean the bathroom floor after showering each time while getting ready for work, at night before going to bed, or another time in the day. It is very annoying to do so, and it is very disappointing when the water is leaking through the shower door. So how to stop the sliding shower door from water leaking? It can be easier…

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