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5 Ways to Stop Your Bathroom Mirror from Steaming Up

5 Ways to Stop Your Bathroom Mirror from Steaming Up

Your bathroom mirror has been steamy lately and is starting to drive you crazy! Several products promise to help with this issue, but many cost $20 or more! 

You don’t want to spend that much money when there’s got to be an easy way to stop your bathroom mirror from steaming up, right? Luckily, you can use several inexpensive (and natural!) ways to prevent your mirror from steaming up in the first place. 

Try these quick fixes today, and never suffer from steaming up mirrors again!

A misty mirror

The bathroom mirror is a big part of everybody’s daily routine. It’s how we put on our makeup, remove our clothes and brush our teeth. It also helps us freshen up before a night out or prepare for work. But what happens when your bathroom mirror starts steaming up?

You can see for a few seconds before a layer of invisible water droplets quickly settles on the mirror. More frustration is followed by more rubbing. You wonder whether there’s an easy way to stop your bathroom mirror from steaming up. Do you know how to stop it? 

Here are five simple ways to keep your bathroom mirror fresh and clean, so you don’t have trouble seeing yourself each morning!

Why Does a Bathroom Mirror Steam Up? 

There are two main reasons why mirrors steam up. First, hot air is less dense than cold air, so it rises and collects at ceiling level. 

The second reason mirrors steam up is because of moisture. Hot air is humid due to its high temperature, so if you leave your bathroom window open for ventilation when showering or bathing, your mirror will likely fog up. Another reason mirrors steam up concerns your body’s humidity levels.

1. Clean the bath regularly

Clean the bath regularly. To avoid a layer of dirt and grime building up on the shower glass, wipe the glass regularly with vinegar and water solution using an old rag.

A mixture of two parts water and one part vinegar will also do the trick. This will not only remove soap scum but also stop the mirror from steaming up due to deposits of soap residue, making it much easier for you in the future.

2. Don’t wait too long between baths

No magic trick will keep your shower glass clear, but waiting too long between baths will worsen things. The longer you wait between showers, the more moisture builds up on your mirror, creating more steam when you get into a hot bath.

If you’re prone to foggy mirrors in your bathroom, it may be time to consider installing a Desilvering product that adds a protective layer between your shower glass and steam.

3. Pick a bath product with anti-steam properties

Pick a bath product with anti-steam properties. Avoid shaving in your shower, but instead, shave at night and use a shaving cream that leaves your skin hydrated. And don’t forget a rich body moisturizer after toweling off.

A classic rich body lotion like Cetaphil Daily Lotion makes for an easy pick if you’re unsure where to start, as it will prevent any steaming issues and leave skin feeling smooth and soft. After applying, let your skin air dry, or use a blow dryer on a low setting. 

Using a hairdryer on high will cause hot steam to form around you in your bathroom and will most likely lead to condensation all over your mirror, sink, and floor. Letting the hot water run while brushing your teeth or washing up is another common mistake people make when trying to avoid foggy mirrors. 

You can easily cut down on fog by turning off the water while performing these tasks and wiping away excess moisture with a towel afterward. It might take trial and error, but you can soon stop your bathroom mirror from steaming up each morning.

4. Pick anti-steam shower curtain liners

Pick anti-steam shower curtain liners. When shopping for shower curtains, look for anti-steam liners to combat bathroom mirror steaming. Many shower curtain manufacturers have liners made of advanced materials that resist water droplets from settling on your glass and leaving you with a foggy mess. (Make sure not to pick an ultra-thin liner as they tend to fog too easily.)

Some manufacturers even guarantee their products; if your new liner fails within 90 days, they’ll replace it or refund you.

The ProSolution Curtain Liner is a high-quality non-fogging product worth checking out. If all else fails, take some time every few months and apply silicone spray directly onto your shower glass.

 While nothing will last forever, silicone spray can help prevent steam buildup between professional cleanings by blocking off any excess moisture before it can leave behind ugly streaks.

5. Buy steam-free mirrors

Buy steam-free mirrors. It’s a simple fix that will do wonders for your morning routine. You can find these at your local hardware store, and they are inexpensive. Place them on your mirror or shower glass and enjoy a fog-free experience whenever you use your bathroom.

They last for quite some time and work perfectly for bathrooms with exceptionally high humidity or small spaces – two situations that leave you with steamy mirrors in no time flat!


The first solution is, of course, an easy one. Wipe your mirror with a cloth to clear up stray droplets and prevent new ones. You can also use anti-fog sprays designed for bathroom mirrors on your mirror. Another easy solution is to turn on a fan or open your window if you’re in a humid area that has problems with steamy mirrors all year round.

You can find the most suitable solution according to the degree of the problem in your bathroom. I recommend a permanent solution if you love long, hot, relaxing showers and baths. Put it this way: You will never need to worry about this issue again. You may want to look at a new Bathroom Mirror with a demister pad.