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8 Best Handheld Shower Heads – Reviews & Guide

A handheld shower head is a handy item you should have in your bathroom. This type of shower head is as flexible as you can extend it to the bathroom floor. e.g., When you have just got back home from the beach, you can use it to wash your feet.

If you have convinced that a handheld showerhead might be just what you need in your bathroom, you should check out our reviews before making a purchase. We have reviewed some of the best options currently available in the market. You will be able to find a handheld showerhead whatever your budget is.  Gorgeous styles and useful features of this kind of showerhead can be a perfect addition to your bathroom.

Handheld Showerhead Feature Comparison Table

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2. AquaBliss TheraSpa Handheld Showerhead
AquaBliss TheraSpa Hand ShowerAquaBliss TheraSpa Hand Shower
  • Tangle-free extra-long hose
  • 360-degree rotating technology making this handheld showerhead the ideal handheld showerhead for independent bathing
  • Luxury hand shower allows you to feel your stress and tension melt away
  • Water saving mode reduces flow by 80%, so you stay warm while you suds up


3. Dreamspa® Instant-Mount Handheld Shower Combo
DreamSpa 3-way Shower Combo with Slide BarDreamSpa 3-way Shower Combo with Slide Bar
  • Handheld shower with hose
  • 22-inch stainless steel shower slide bar
  • Can be used two showers heads separately or
  • Use showerhead and handheld shower both together


4. Vida Alegría H5+ Handheld Showerhead
Vida Alegría H5+ Handheld Shower HeadVida Alegría H5+ Handheld Shower Head
  • Adjustable shower head with hose
  • Has five easy-to-adjust settings
  • Silicone jets on all shower sprayers allow for easy cleaning
  • Hi-tech ABS face stays clean and repels hard water
  • It won’t look spotty like chrome-faced units


5. Delta Faucet 4-Spray In2ition 2-in-1 Dual Hand Held Shower Head
Delta Faucet Dual Hand Held Shower HeadDelta Faucet Dual Hand Held Shower Head
  • Hand shower and shower head in one
  • The in2ition 2-in-1 dual shower head
  • Allows using the detachable shower head with hose separately or
  • securely docked for a luxurious and versatile showering experience


6. ANA BATH SS5450CBN 5 Inch 5 Function Handheld Showerhead
Ana Bath Brushed Nickel Dual Combo ShowerheadAna Bath Brushed Nickel Dual Combo Showerhead
  • Transitional style that fits in your bathroom design perfectly
  • Lime and mineral deposit resistant
  • Modern large and wide spray face with an ergonomic handle
  • 5 inches wide to provide rainfall spa shower experience


7. Camco 43714 Shower Handheld ShowerHead Kit
Camco 43714 Shower Head Kit with On/Off SwitchCamco 43714 Shower Head Kit with On/Off Switch
  • Kit includes showerhead
  • 60″ flexible hose, washers, wall mount and installation hardware are included
  • It offers five spray patterns from drenching rain to a gentle massage


8. KES LP150 Bathroom Handheld Shower Head
KES Bathroom Handheld Shower HeadKES Bathroom Handheld Shower Head
  • Handheld shower head with long shower hose
  • Stainless steel double-lock exterior with strengthened EPDM inner tubing
  • High-Pressure water flows effortlessly provides superior water pressure
  • Ability to rinse the shampoo out of thick hair whether on a human head or a beloved pet


Best Handheld Showerhead Reviews (Updated List)

Though we have reviewed here some of the best handheld showerheads which might be useful for everyone, still if you are struggling for making a purchase decision, you should check towards the end for the handheld showerhead buying guide. It might be helpful for you to choose the best handheld showerhead depending on your needs.


Niagara Chrome Handheld Massage Showerhead – Best Handheld Showerhead

Niagara Chrome Handheld Massage ShowerheadNiagara Chrome Handheld Massage Showerhead

Technical Details

  • Product Dimensions 8.6 x 2.7 x 3.3 inches
  • Highly efficient 2.0 GPM flow rate
  • 9-Jet adjustable turbo massage
  • Flexible 72-inch stainless steel hose included
  • 10 Years warranty

If you are looking for a water-saving and high efficient showerhead, The Niagara showerhead is what you are searching for. This showerhead will ensure your water consumption and bills are as low as possible. This water-saving showerhead can save you up to 20% compared to the other kinds of handheld showerheads by restricting the water output by 2.0 GPM.

To freely move the showerhead anywhere in your bathroom, this showerhead comes with a long 72-inch tangle-free hose. This showerhead will be very handy for you when you are bathing small children or pets. If you have low water pressure in your home, this showerhead is not for you because it has a non-removable water flow restrictor valve which ensures to keep the water pressure low.

You can experience the best pressure and temperature without losing any energy as the spray that comes out of the showerhead is not aerated. You do not need to worry about cleaning this showerhead as this showerhead itself is self-cleaning and even maintenance-free.

From forceful to gentle spray, this showerhead has nine user-customizable turbo message settings. It is easily installable onto any existing shower arm. As it is easy to install, anyone can fix it, so you do not need to pay for a  plumber.

This showerhead comes with a 10-years manufacturer warranty.


  • Very easy to install
  • Flexible stainless steel hose. Pretty high quality considering the price
  • Holder of the handheld part supported swivels 360 degrees
  • Handheld part supported 360 degrees swivel


  • Does not have pulse settings
  • Does not have any on/off valve

AquaBliss TheraSpa Handheld Showerhead

AquaBliss TheraSpa Hand ShowerAquaBliss TheraSpa Hand Shower

Technical Details

  • Product Dimensions: 5.8 x 3.2 x 10.9 inches
  • Color and Finish: chrome, silver. stainless
  • Shape: Round
  • Item Weight: 1.75 Pounds
  • Water Consumption: 2.5 GPM
  • Hose Length: Tangle free, 6.5 Feet
  • Warranty: 12 Month Warranty

Getting a shower in the morning is an essential part of some people’s day-to-day life. It is even more important to get a morning shower if you are getting ready to go to work. The Aqua bless luxury handheld showerhead can help you with your daily morning routine.

This chrome-plated handheld shower head is durable and made with the highest quality materials that ensure it will be long last for you. This showerhead comes with five luxurious spray features that include rain and massage sprays.

You may not find many showerheads in the market like this one that comes with a 6.5-foot long ultra-flexible hose made from stainless steel. It is durable and also tangles-free. This hose will give you complete freedom in your shower as you can move and take your shower head to any corner of the bathroom quickly and use it to clean the bath or shower area easily. You can easily stretch the handheld shower and reach an area that you want to clean up by detaching it from the cradle. To hold the showerhead, it also comes with a bracket. This bracket allows you to adjust the angle and provide you full freedom when you are using the shower.

Since the showerhead is lightweight, you may not feel your hand or arm getting heavy while you are using this shower. This showerhead can be incorporated with most of the modern bathrooms as it has a contemporaneous design.

If you are looking for your family handheld shower replacement, then this high-quality handheld showerhead from AquaBliss would be a great choice.

Anyone would be able to install this as the full installation instruction is included with this showerhead. If you want to install your newly purchased showerhead on the existing arm that is already in your bathroom, then you need to connect both ends of the hose as per the instruction that comes with this handheld showerhead and that’s all.

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It is guaranteed that the design of this showerhead has been composed to be completely leakage-free. As this showerhead is designed to be installed by hand, no tools are required to install this showerhead.

To fix this shower head to the wall and allow you to use it as a regular shower, it comes with a shower mount. You can easily turn the mount around to change and adjust the angle of the stream of water. It’s means you can get a multipurpose item in your bathroom, that can act like either a handheld shower or a fixed shower.

This showerhead offers a lifetime limited warranty. So, you can be sure that it is guaranteed for as long as you have the shower in your home.


  • Tool-Free Easy To Install
  • Water-Saving Mode
  • Angle Adjustable Mount
  • 6 Different Spray Patterns


  • Does not have on/off valve

Dreamspa® Instant-Mount Handheld Shower Combo

DreamSpa 3-way Shower Combo with Slide BarDreamSpa 3-way Shower Combo with Slide Bar

Technical Details

  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 4 x 8 inches
  • Color and Finish: chrome
  • Shape: Square
  • Item Weight: 1.35 Pounds
  • 1 Year Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects

If you are looking for a showerhead that would be easy to install,  you can consider this Drill-Free DreamSpa Instant-Mount handheld shower combo. This showerhead does not require any special tools to install. The adjustable three-way angle combo would be the ideal associate with your other bathroom appliances. This three-way showerhead offers 36 settings from which you can choose a single or combined output of water flow patterns. You will have the freedom to use both heads simultaneously or separately. To enhance the use of the showerhead, you can detach the handheld showerhead from the shower holder and make use of the long hose which comes with this. This showerhead comes with a long 60 inch(5ft) super flexible and durable hose made with stainless steel.

The face of this showerhead is high-grade chrome plated ABS with a 4-inch shower face.

This showerhead assures that the water flow is dispersed equally over your body and you can also enjoy a full stream.

Each showerhead offers seven different settings. You can choose from pulsating massage,  hydro-mist, power rain, rain/mist, water-saving eco rain, rain/massage, and rub-clean jets features. It has a user-friendly dial that allows you to choose or change settings from one to others easily.

The patented three-way water diverter is locked with an anti-swivel lock nut.  It is easy to adjust the height and the angle of the showerhead by using the slide bar and shower bracket. This is the best handheld shower head with a slide bar. The Sliding bar feature lets you easily adjust the height of the showerhead to suit your needs.

You can detach the handheld showerhead from the bracket to extend it and to move freely if you need it.


  • Easy to Install and Operate
  • Adjustable Shower Arms


  • Does Not Come With the Extension Arm
  • It’s Made with Plastic

Vida Alegría H5+ Handheld Showerhead

Vida Alegría H5+ Handheld Shower HeadVida Alegría H5+ Handheld Shower Head

Technical Details

  • Product Dimensions: 4.5 x 5 x 10.6 inches
  • Color and Finish: Chrome, Brushed Nickel, and Oil Rubbed Bronze Hand Held Shower
  • Shape: Sleek
  • Item Weight: 1.06 Pounds
  • Flow Rate: 2.5 GPM
  • Hose Length: 5 Feet, tangle Free
  • Warranty: 3-Year Unconditional Warranty

The Vida Alegria handheld shower head is great for those who want an easy to install and convenient to use for the whole family. One can be able to install this showerhead within just a few minutes as soon as he gets it in hand and it would be ready for bathing.

This showerhead comes with a long flexible stainless steel hose that would provide enough convenience while bathing your children or clean up your pets. This hose is completely tangled-free and five to seven feet expandable. So, you can even use this showerhead to clean your bath area easily.

The hi-tech ABS plastic showerhead face ensures it would be kept clean and repels hard water. So, it never looks spotty like chrome-faced units. That is why this showerhead requires minimal cleaning and maintenance. The silicone nozzles of this showerhead are easy to flex. That is means, it is easy to remove any mineral deposits that may build up in the showerhead.

If you live in the low water pressure area, you can easily remove the two-part flow restrictor valve to eliminate low water pressure issues and get more water pressure flow through the showerhead.

This showerhead offers easily adjustable five settings including :

  • power spray mode (drenching rain and high pressure)
  • medium spray mode (gentle rinse),
  • invigorating shower Massage mode,
  • two mix modes and
  • drizzle mode (water-saving mode).

If you purchase this shower head, you will get a three-year unconditional warranty. This is a high-quality showerhead and you can rely on it without thinking further.


  • Removable Restriction Valve
  • 5 Different Jet Settings
  • Self-cleaning To Prevent Buildup



Delta Faucet 4-Spray In2ition 2-in-1 Dual Hand Held Shower Head

Delta Faucet Dual Hand Held Shower HeadDelta Faucet Dual Hand Held Shower Head

Technical Details

  • Product Dimensions: 5 x 7 x 5 inches
  • Type: Shower Head And Handheld Shower Combo
  • Color and Finish: Chrome, Stainless
  • Shape: Round
  • Item Weight: 2.45 pounds
  • Flow Rate: 2.5 GPM
  • Hose Material: Stainless steel
  • Showerhead Material: Plastic
  • Certification: Certified Frustration-Free
  • Warranty: Lifetime Limited Warranty

Delta 58467 is a combo shower unit that has a handheld showerhead attached beneath the showerhead unit. This feature is known as  In2ition that makes the two parts of the showerhead seem they are appended together. But you can use them separately. You can detach the handheld shower from the shower unit and can use it to have the spray direction wherever you need it.

This showerhead comes with four powerful features including fast massaging spray, full-body spray, full-body spray with massage and Pause function to provide you a unique shower experience.

The pause button feature will allow you to reduce water to a trickle and conserve water while doing such kinds of tasks as shampooing or lathering and other shower tasks.  

This handheld showerhead is made of plastic and comes with two available finish options. You can choose either chrome or a brilliant stainless finish. This showerhead has a flow restrictor that allows 2.5 GPM water to pass through the showerhead. This showerhead comes with a wall mount for the shower arm and a long flexible hose.

If you purchase this handheld showerhead, you will get a lifetime limited warranty from Delta Faucet.


  • Easy To Install
  • 4 Powerful Spray Options
  • Includes 60-Inch Stainless steel hose


  • Showerhead Made with Plastic

ANA BATH SS5450CBN 5 Inch 5 Function Handheld Showerhead

Ana Bath Brushed Nickel Dual Combo ShowerheadAna Bath Brushed Nickel Dual Combo Showerhead

Technical Details

  • Product Dimensions: 7.8 x 6.3 x 13.1 inches
  • Type: Shower Head And Handheld Shower Combo
  • Color and Finish: Brushed Nickel, Chrome and Oil Rubbed Bronze Hand Held Shower
  • Shape: Circular
  • Item Weight: 2.45 pounds
  • Flow Rate: 2.31 GPM
  • Hose Material: Stainless steel
  • Showerhead Material: Plastic
  • Certification: CSA
  • Warranty: Lifetime Limited Warranty

When you are interested in replacing your existing handheld showerhead, the Ana shower head would be a simple solution for you.  The good thing about this showerhead is that you do not require any tools at all to install this. That is mean neither do you need to call a plumber and need to buy any tool to install this showerhead. You can install this as soon as you get this showerhead in your hand.

This showerhead comes with five different water flow modes with three different flow patterns including massage, spray and bubble spray to provide you a completely customizable shower experience. This showerhead has a long 60-inch hose. You can detach the showerhead from the holder and easily clean up your bath or use bathing for your small children.

This showerhead comes with a brushed nickel finish that would be a suite with all of your existing bathroom fittings and look, so you do not need to worry about this if you purchase this showerhead.

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This showerhead has a water-saving restrictor valve that ensures to conserve water and save your money. This valve does not allow water flow to come more than 2.31 gallons per minute through the showerhead which is compliant with plumbing regulations.

If you are interested in this showerhead and enthusiastic to have a look in-depth research-based review, you can read through our Ana Bath SS5450CBN double shower head combo review.

The five-inch face of the showerhead distributes or spread the water liberally and evenly over a wide area.  With this showerhead, you can enjoy better water coverage while you are bathing.

This dual-headed showerhead comes with a 3 years limited warranty. This warranty ensures that the showerhead will be preserved against the manufacturer’s faults for the first 3 years.


  • Easy To Install
  • Anti-clog Nozzles: Easy to Rub Clean
  • 5 Function Shower Heads With Brass Ball Joint
  • 5 Ft Super Flexible Stainless Steel Shower Hose


  • Showerhead Made with Plastic

Camco 43714 Shower Handheld Showerhead Kit

Camco 43714 Shower Head Kit with On/Off SwitchCamco 43714 Shower Head Kit with On/Off Switch

Technical Details

  • Product Dimensions: 11.2 x 6.6 x 2.8 inches
  • Color and Finish: White, Chrome and Off White
  • Shape: Circular
  • Item Weight: 1.25 pounds
  • Flow Rate: 2.5 GPM
  • Warranty: Limited 1 Year Warranty

This handheld showerhead kit from Camco comes with everything that one needs a new shower up and running instantly. This handheld shower kit includes everything including the showerhead, the washers, wall mount, a long and durable 60-inch flexible hose as well as the other hardware that will require to install the showerhead. The flexible hose of this showerhead can easily be connected with a standard half-inch shower arm. You can easily install this showerhead by yourself, and you will not require to hire a plumber for installing this.

Most of the showerheads in the market have a constant flow. If you want to pause for any reason, you will have to turn off the shower completely. This would cause a waste of water as well as energy as you will have to wait to heat the water again. This showerhead comes with an on-off switch to allow you to pause the stream of water as long as you like to. For example, you may want to pause the shower while you are soaping. The on-off switch of this showerhead just lets you do that very quickly. This will significantly save water compared to the other showerheads in the market.

You will get five different spray patterns from this showerhead, and you can choose whatever you like from the range of drenching rain to a light massage.

The diameter of this economy shower head is 4 inches, and the length is 9 inches. As this showerhead will provide you with a wide water spray, you can be sure that the showerhead will be drenched entirely when you are taking your shower.


  • Easy To Install
  • Handheld RV showerhead With Handy On/Off Switch
  • 5 Spray pattern Shower Heads
  • 5 Ft Flexible Stainless Steel Shower Hose


  • Showerhead Made with Plastic

KES LP150 Bathroom Handheld Shower Head

KES Bathroom Handheld Shower HeadKES Bathroom Handheld Shower Head

Technical Details

  • Product Dimensions: 4.8 x 2.9 x 10.1 inches
  • Color and Finish: Polished Stainless Steel And Polished Stainless Steel
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Installation Method: Wall-Mounted
  • Flow rate: 2.5 GPM
  • Item Weight: 1.31 Pounds
  • Warranty: One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

This bathroom showerhead from KES is luxurious and very useful for any home. It comes with an extra-long hose that is built from stainless steel which ensures you last for a long time. This showerhead is not made from a flimsy plastic material that cracks or becomes damaged over time like other handheld showerheads. Though the stainless steel is a little heavy, it means that the showerhead cannot stand up better to harsh treatment. Also, you can be sure that the stainless steel body will never rust.

Unlike this handheld showerhead, there are not many showerheads that offer a long flexible hose. You need not worry about cleaning the showerhead every day. The hose of this showerhead has a stainless steel exterior, which means you can easily keep it clean and free from mineral build-up quickly.

This showerhead is built for you to use comfortably. You will not need any tools to install it as it simply screwing onto any existing shower bracket that you have already. Use Plenty of plumbers tape to make sure that it is not leaking.

This showerhead does not offer many spray features like some other handheld showers out there. If you really need customizable spray features, then this showerhead is not for you, and you should look for other handheld showerheads.

If you do not like the quality of this showerhead after getting this in hand, then you will have fifteen days to return this.


  • Easy To Install
  • Handheld RV showerhead With Handy On/Off Switch
  • Rubber nozzles: prevent hard water and minerals building up
  • 59-Inch Stainless Steel Shower Hose


  • Single Function

Handheld Showerhead Buying Guide

Things To Consider

When it comes to buying a handheld showerhead, you should consider all the available options so that you can be sure that you purchase a perfect showerhead for you or your family.

Fixed Or Unfixed

The handheld showerheads are useful tools in your bathroom as this can be easily held in hand and add flexibility while you are getting a shower. If you have pets, children or even if you want to clean up your bath or shower area easily and quickly, you can not think without a handheld showerhead.

The showerhead is connected with a long flexible hose that means it can be extended to any place in your bathroom. You can hold the showerhead and reach a different corner of your bathroom and clean it if you wish to.

A handheld showerhead usually comes with a wall mount. You have options to choose it from a few different kinds of mounts.

If you choose a fixed mount system, then you should know that a fixed mount system has a bracket that fixed to the wall. Usually, this bracket can be swiveled so that you can change the direction of the water flow, but it is not moveable to the up or down.

On the other hand, an unfixed showerhead comes with a mount that is usually on a sliding bar. Depending on your needs, this sliding bar allows you to adjust the height of the showerhead easily. This feature will become handy for those who have different aged children while all the adult members of the home can still be able to adjust the height easily so that it is high enough for them to use.

There is also a combo showerhead system available for you. These combo showerhead systems included both fixed showerheads along with an unfixed showerhead that is on a sliding bar.

If you purchase a combo showerhead system, this will give you the best shower experience as you will be able to detach the handheld showerhead and take it to the hard-to-reach places while the fixed one is still on.

You should look at all features carefully if you want to buy a combo showerhead system as not all of those allow you to use both showerheads at the same time and some of them even lose pressure if you want to use both showerheads at the same time.

So, you should check out all the available systems to make sure that you are buying the best one within your budget.

Water Pressure

There is a regulation across America called WaterSense. As per this regulation, homes cannot have faucets or showers that use too high pressure on the water.

Many Manufacturers of showerheads and faucets have installed a restrictor valve into their faucets and showerhead systems to enforce this regulation.

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If you have good water pressure in your home, you may not feel any low pressure at your showerhead for that restrictor valve. But, if you have low water pressure, you may find that your water pressure is restricted even more.

If you are living in a low-pressure area, you should choose a handheld showerhead that has a feature to remove the restrictor valve easily.

If you purchase a shower head that has a removable restrictor valve, then you can take the valve out from the showerhead before installing it, and you will not suffer from the low water pressure.

On the other hand, if your water pressure is good, you should purchase a handheld showerhead that has a restricted water flow valve. It will not only meet the WaterSense regulation of America, but you will be able to save money as you will be saving the water.

Size And Style

When you choose a shower head for your bathroom, you should make sure that the showerhead you are going to purchase that will match your existing bathroom decor. Before buying a new showerhead, make sure that the finish of your new showerhead matches to the other fittings in your bathroom, e.g., Current drains and faucets in your bathroom.

When it comes to cleaning, a long hose is a key to provide you versatile benefits. You should choose a tangle-free hose as this will prevent kinks as well. You should even look for stainless steel hoses as these hoses will repel hard water and will look better for a longer time. A good handheld shower hose should have at least 5 to a 6-feet long hose so that when you need it, you can have an as long-range as possible.

Installation And Mounting

Though the installation process of most of the handheld showerheads is relatively easy, still you should always confirm that you can install it by yourself. You can easily install a handheld showerhead and you can save money here as you do not need to hire a plumber. There are many handheld showerheads that come with the plumber’s tape and you just need to make sure that there are no leaks. You will even get an installation guide included in the box of your purchased showerhead. You should be sure that you are going to receive all the pieces that will need to put the showerhead together when you get the showerhead in your hand. The last thing you will need to purchase mounting kits and accessories at the last minute.

If you are replacing an existing showerhead, you should make sure that your new handheld shower head will fit onto the connection you already have in your bathroom. If your newly purchased showerhead does not come with a mounting kit, then the showerhead should fit into your existing shower mount. If you think it won’t, then it would be a good idea to buy a spare mount.

Though the installation process is straightforward of the handheld showerhead if still, you do not want to do this by yourself, then you have to hire a plumber that might be expensive, and that costs you extra money. Most of the handheld showerheads come with the plumber’s tape. You just need to ensure that you have used it properly and there is no leakage between the joins. It is obvious that you will get an installation guide in the box of your newly purchased showerhead.

Before getting the newly purchased showerhead in your hand, you should thoroughly check and ensure that you are going to receive all the necessary accessories that you will be required to get the showerhead together. You should purchase the mounting kits and any other accessories at the last minute.

If you are going to replace your existing showerhead, you should make sure that your newly purchased handheld showerhead is going to fit with the existing connection in your bathroom. If you choose a showerhead that does not come with a mounting kit, you should be sure that the showerhead would definitely fit into the existing mounting of your shower. If you have any doubt and you think it might not be compatible with the existing one, then it would be a very good idea to buy a spare mount just in case.


When you choose a showerhead and very much enthusiastic to buy that one, you should be aware that everything goes smoothly and nothing can go wrong. Though there are some handheld showerheads that can be cheap and affordable, plenty of others are very expensive. Whatever you have spent a lot of money or not, you should make sure that it is covered by a good warranty from the manufacturer.

You will get a full warranty from the best handheld showerhead brands. Some brands offer you a limited warranty. You should know the details of the warranty. If your showerhead comes with a limited warranty, you should know details about what the warranty covers.

While Some manufacturers of the showerheads offer a limited warranty on the finish as well as on the operation of the showerhead, whereas some other manufacturers offer on the operation only. That’s means, if even the finish starts to flake, the warranty will not be covered this.

How To Install A Handheld Shower Head

Handheld showerhead installation is a straightforward plumbing task that you can easily do yourself. You even do not need any special tools except if you need to remove your existing showerhead.

How To Install a Handheld Shower Head

When you are prepared to install your new showerhead, the first thing you need to do is to remove the existing showerhead if you have removed it yet.

To remove your existing showerhead that probably is stuck tightly to the pipework, you may require an adjustable wrench. If you are planning to sell or reuse the removed showerhead, you should be careful while you are removing this as you may damage the finish of the showerhead unknowingly. To prevent this unwanted damage, you can wrap a cloth around the base of the showerhead where you clutch the wrench.

You might be left some gooseneck threads after removing the showerhead. Before installing the new showerhead, you should wrap those threads properly with plumbers tape. This plumbers tape will ensure that no leaks can take place in between showerhead join. You will find some showerheads that come with this tape included as an additional accessory.

Now you are ready to install your new showerhead. You need to simply screw up the handheld shower base onto the gooseneck threads which you have just prepared. Do not forget to fit the hose to the cross ” T ” part of the shower rail.

If in case you experience any leakage while you turn on the shower, you should turn off the water supply and just tighten the connections a little more and try again turning on the water supply.

Wrap Up

A handheld showerhead is something that is probably the most useful thing that you should purchase for your bathroom. This shower will be used daily basis and you obviously need a useful buying guide. We hope you have got some ideas by reading those best handheld shower head reviews compose here.

We try to illustrate there is more to those showerheads than just styles and finishes. There are many other factors that you should consider while you want to purchase a showerhead. We try to cover everything that would help you make your purchase decision confidently. You should remember that the showerhead is an item that you will not go to replace very soon.

You should choose the brands that you can trust and check what exactly is the warranty covers before making a purchase.