How do Frogs Get Into Toilets?

how do frogs get into toilets?
How do Frogs Get Into Toilets?

Frogs can get into toilets in a few different ways.

One common way is through the pipes, as frogs are excellent climbers and swimmers and can easily make their way up pipes and into the toilet bowl.

Another way is through open windows or doors, as frogs may see these as inviting ways to enter a cool, dark space.

Finally, frogs may enter a toilet if they are accidentally flushed down, such as hiding in a dark, damp place and scooped up and flushed.

What Causes Frogs to Get Into Toilets

Have you ever found a frog in your toilet?

While it may seem like an unlikely place to find these amphibious creatures, it’s not uncommon for frogs to end up in toilets.

But how do they get in there in the first place?

Poorly Sealed Toilets

One of the main causes of frogs getting into toilets is poorly sealed toilets.

If there are gaps or cracks around the base of the toilet, frogs may be able to squeeze through and make their way into the bowl.

It is usual that; if there is a body of water nearby, such as a pond or stream, the frog can use it as a starting point.

Open Toilets

Open toilets can also be a problem. Opening the toilet lid may attract frogs to the cool, dark space, causing them to hop in.

This can especially happen if the bathroom of located near a natural water source such as a pond or stream.

Clogged Drains

Finally, clogged drains can also cause frogs to get into toilets. Standing water, which may attract frogs, can result from a clogged drain.

If the frog tries to climb into the drain to get to the water, it may end up getting trapped in the toilet bowl instead.

Prevent Frogs From Getting Into Toilets

Seal any open areas around the toilet 

So what can you do to prevent frogs from getting into your toilet? One simple solution is to seal any open areas around the base of the toilet.

It will prevent frogs from being able to squeeze through and enter the bowl.

Keep the toilet lid closed

Another solution is to keep the toilet lid closed. Prevent frogs from being attracted and hopping in to keep the cool, dark space free from them.

Install a screen over the drain 

You can install a screen over the drain to prevent frogs from climbing in. It will allow water to flow freely while still keeping frogs out.


While finding a frog in your toilet can be a surprising and unexpected encounter, there are steps that you can take to prevent it from happening.

By sealing open areas, keeping the toilet lid closed, and installing a screen over the drain, you can help keep frogs out of your toilet and protect these fascinating creatures.