Best Shower Head Reviews & Buying Guide

Be it a tiring day or a fresh morning start; the only thing that keeps your life lively is a good shower. But, the experience wouldn’t be as much fun, if your shower doesn’t work as it’s supposed to because of the wrong shower head. Nowadays, showerheads are not only about the function but the appearance and have the secondary feature also.

A showerhead geared with LED that can change its color to match the water temperature is only one of them. To help you sort through a mass selection of this bathroom appliance, we have made a list of best shower heads.

What Should We Know Before Buying A Shower Head?

A showerhead has a vital role in every modern bathroom. Like any other item in your home, showerheads also have varieties types, sizes, prices, and functionalities.

Depending on your needs, it could be easy or challenging to choose a new showerhead for your bathroom. Most of the showerheads may look the same, but their functions may differ from each other.

If you are looking to buy the best showerhead without compromising functionality, aesthetics or prices, you would get a lot more benefit from knowing what you are choosing and why.

If you are not sure what are you looking for while buying a showerhead, it may feel like navigating a minefield. Before purchasing a showerhead, you can follow the shower head buying guide and reviews that may help you get the right decision. 

Rain Shower Heads

Rainforest shower heads are so much popular for their nature. They provide you with a luxurious spa sensational rain shower experience.

Rain showerheads offer numerous options to have natural rain simulation so that you can experience the exact rain shower you may want. It is an incredible feeling and it only requires you to buy a rain showerhead.

You can choose a rainfall shower head from many different kinds of designs and sizes. You can choose from classic looks to more stylish models and many different sizes too.

The rain rainshower heads usually tend to be larger than the other available showerheads in the market. The rain showerheads are large size so that they can have a wider rainfall spray.

Rainfall Top Shower Head Rainfall Top Shower Head

If you like to have a voluminous rain with your rain showerhead, jumbo shower head sizes are the best for you. But you should check your bathroom area to confirm that it would comfortably fit in your shower area.

Many manufacturers offer rainfall shower head out there with a warranty, and you should just select the design and size of your preferred rain showerhead.

Handheld Shower Heads

To get a precise and detailed showering, you can buy a handheld showerhead shower. It can give you the most flexibility as you can hold it and move around you to get the best shower experience.

The handheld showerhead would be very helpful if you have children or pets. Holding a handheld shower in your hand, you can end up shower them without soaking up yourself at all.

Some dual shower heads models have included handheld shower heads. It would be worthwhile to look at those dual shower heads models also while you decide to buy a handheld shower head

Some handheld showerheads have a fixed wall mount holder option. But rail-mounted showerheads are more popular than the fix wall-mounted showerheads.

Hand Held Shower HeadHand Held Shower Head

The Rail-mounted showerhead has an adjustable cradle. You can move up or down the cradle to adjust the length of the rail which can change the height of the shower. Rail-mounted showerhead would be very useful If you have small children. 

As the install process of these showerheads is straightforward, you can do it yourself without hiring a plumber. You can install your new handheld shower within minutes if your water pipework in place. 

Wall Mounted Shower Heads

Some businesses like hotels and gyms prefer wall-mounted showerheads. A wall-mounted shower could be a better option if a handheld showerhead is not feasible or necessary in your case.

There are different kinds of wall-mounted showers in the market. Some wall-mounted shower even has a handheld shower attachment option to give you the most flexibility if you need it.

Usually, this type of wall-mounted showers has a scope to change the angle by using a ball joint or something alike.

You may fall in love with these showers seeing their elegant designs and impressive look. Usually, these showers come with chrome or nickel finished. You can choose your shower from the luxury designer brand.

Wall Mounted Shower HeadsWall Mounted Shower Heads

While you decide to buy a wall-mounted head, you should look for those products which have been designed and manufactured not to be a drip or clogged. Because it could be complicated to clean the heads if they are mounted quite a high up.

Showers Head With A Shower Filter

You can choose a filtered shower head if you want a clean shower experience, but the water quality is quite not good enough where you live.  Though these kinds of showerheads do not offer many luxurious styles as other showerheads do, but they have many useful options.

By choosing a filer showerheads, one can ensure that it does not need much cleaning of the showerheads. As the filter excludes mineral deposits from the water and passes the clean water through the shower, the nozzles do not get clogged.

Filter shower heads do another thing. It neutralizes odors and removes sulfur from the water of the shower supply. Obviously, you should consider a filtered showerhead if you ever notice a bad smell coming from your shower.

Showers Head With A Shower FilterShowers Head With A Shower Filter

You should keep in mind that a filtered showerhead requires a filter that needs periodic maintenance and replacement. So, before choosing a filtered shower head, you should ensure that you would be able to afford the maintenance cost of such kind of showerheads.

Shower Heads With Bluetooth Speakers

Do you love music while you are getting a shower? You will just get that if you buy a Bluetooth shower head.

During your shower, You can make it fun with this latest technology system as you can hear your favorite music and even answer a phone call. These showerheads are the newest style, and they feature highly advanced technology.

You will be able to pair these showerheads with any Bluetooth device which can transmit audio, and you can use showerhead as an audio speaker.

Because the Bluetooth showerhead has a long Bluetooth range typically, you actually need not taking your phone or laptop into the bathroom with you while you shower. So, your electronic device will be safe from the humidity of the bathroom. A Bluetooth speaker attached with your showerhead plays your preferred music.

Shower Heads With Bluetooth SpeakersShower Heads With Bluetooth Speakers

These showerheads usually have buttons to let you control the music volume which will enhance your music experience while you take a shower. These showerheads also have multiple flows and sprays options like other showerheads, and sometimes you can also find them with handheld options while other models are fixed.

LED Shower Heads

If you are looking for an impressive and modern design showerhead, LED shower heads which you are looking for. These shower heads are available in numerous design and style, but the LED feature introduce them as a luxurious showerhead in the market.

This bathroom appliance will add ambient lighting to your shower experience; it emits a low power LED light which need not any special maintenance and list for a long time without needing replacement. There are some LED showerheads that offer spa-like features like rainfall and massage sprays. LED shower heads will provide you luxurious spa shower experience in your bathroom.

The LED light colors change according to the temperature of the water. The colors are usually red, blue and green to indicate the water temperature respectively hot, cold and just normal. LED showerheads could be a preferable option for those families with children as LED lights can act as a safety indicator also.

LED Shower HeadsLED Shower Heads

High-Pressure Shower Heads

Some showerheads cannot perform as expected if there is low water pressure. It would be ideal if every home could get the same water pressure in the country, but it is not that straightforward. There are many homes that have low water pressure.

As per the United States law, a shower head has to be an absolute maximum pressure to sell. To enforce this, manufacturers are making their showerheads with a flow-resistant valve.

As per the United States law, a shower head has to be an absolute maximum pressure to sell. To enforce this, manufacturers are making their showerheads with a water flow-resistant valve. This valve will ensure a drop in water pressure experience through the showerheads even if there is a low water pressure in your house.

High-Pressure Shower HeadsHigh-Pressure Shower Heads

To prevent this, one can purchase a high-pressure shower head which allows manually remove the water flow resistance. Some showerheads are easy to pull out the government-mandated flow restrictor than the others but to complete this task, you may require some tools. Otherwise, you may choose to buy a low-pressure shower head if you are living in a low water pressure area. You can also find a low flow shower heads review here.

Other Shower Heads

Of course, there are other kinds of showerheads available in the market, but these are the most popular. When you intend to buy a shower head, you will see even many other kinds of showers to choose from.

Some showerheads have shower panels that need to mount onto the wall of your bathroom. These types of showerheads offer all controls you may need to have a luxurious shower experience. These luxurious showers come with a fixed and handheld shower, and you can use one or both shower head options at the same time. The install process of these types of showers is not that easy that you may do this by yourself. If you are not confident enough to install this, you should ask a plumber to do this for you.

Octo 7 Shower head SystemOcto 7 Shower head System

If a shower panel is not suitable for you, but still you want to have the freedom of the fixed and handheld shower together, you may purchase two shower heads which incorporated into the one design. Though this type of shower heads would allow you to use one or both showerheads concurrently, you should be conscious that the simultaneous use of both showerheads might not let you get the proper water pressure in your shower.

Check The Spray Patterns You Like

Everyone does have a specific preference when it comes to the spray pattern. Some people may like a  steady stream pattern which would create a stimulating experience while others may choose a more gentle flow in a small stream in their shower experience. Buying a spray pattern showerhead you may ensure the comfort level of your shower experience.

So getting the right spray shower head is very important. Unfortunately, if you choose a wrong shower head which does not meet your requirement, it may lead you to a distressing shower experience. The spray pattern defines the direction, range, and volume of the water that comes from the shower heads.

You will find some showerhead models offer only a straightforward spray pattern, but on the other hand, some have multiple spray patterns giving you more flexibility and luxury in your shower. To help you understand spray patterns, we have listed here some common spray patterns.

Rain Spray Pattern

Different Type of The shower Spray patterns
Different Type of The shower Spray patterns

Mostly the larger showerheads which have round and widespread design provide the rain spray patterns. These type of showerheads recreate rainfall from your shower head, and you can have a rain shower experience in your bathroom

Massage Spray Pattern

Massage spray would give you extra relaxation. Consider a massage shower spray pattern if you would like to have a massage experience from your shower head. Changing the water pressure with invigorating spray the water will provide you the massage experience in your shower. A massage showerhead can be pulsating, circular or twin massage spray pattern. Massage spray pattern will be the perfect selection if you want to enjoy a sense-stimulating shower.

Full Body Spray

To get the maximum water coverage and warmness, this type of shower heads spray utilizes all the nozzles.

Jet Spray

This type of spray pattern uses the central nozzles to provide you a more refreshing blast of water. As it uses the central nozzles of the shower head, water comes out like a powerful jet. Jet shower heads can stimulate your skin, relaxing the muscles and give you the most refreshing shower experience. You can also use it for cleaning your bathtub.

Aeration Spray

It is known as the champagne spray pattern. The specialty of this type of spray pattern is the extra softness and a gentle soothing. It produces tiny air bubbles and big water drops. The aeration spray reduces the use of water and saves water consumption in your daily shower. If your skin is too sensitive, the aeration spray would be a good choice for you.

Mist Spray

To create a mist effect, this type of shower head forces the water flow through the tiny nozzles of the shower head. When the pressurized water flows pass through the vents, it breaks into millions of small finest water droplets. A luxurious sensational shower experience you may get from your mist spray shower head.

Regular Spray

This spray is the most classic pattern that you will find on all shower heads. Though this type of shower heads produce just a simple spray of water, still it is good for a refreshing and relaxing shower experience. The regular spray can also be a directed hole spray or a random spray pattern. The rounder and softer water droplets produced by the directed hole spray, maintain the temperature of the water. So by using less hot water, you may save up the electric bill if you use this type of spray shower heads. As the water drops of the random spray pattern shower heads are small, you may get a more stimulating shower effect from this.

Which Type of Shower Nozzles Should I Choose?

When you are looking for your best shower heads, you should pay attention to the nozzles of the showerheads. There are many types of shower nozzles that can be made from silicone, plastic and even rubber.

Compared to the rubber, plastic and rubber nozzles, the metal nozzles are less receptive to bacteria build-up.

However, metal nozzles tend to grow limescale than other types of shower nozzles. If you live in the hard water areas, then shower head with metal nozzles could be an annoying issue.

What Kind Of Fixture Finish Should I Choose?

There are many different finishes of shower heads, and their fixtures are available in the market. You may find brass or nickel, polished chrome, brushed chrome, nickel or bronze, hammered nickel, stainless steel, black and white. You should choose depending on your bathroom interior, faucets, and bath fixtures. If you want an elegant look, the polished finishes might be a good option for you, but they might require regular maintenance to keep them spot-free. If you would like to be hassle-free from maintenance, you can choose matte or brushed finishes as they are good at hiding the water spots and fingerprints.

Shower Head Buying Guide

Some people think that a shower head is not that glamorous accessory like others you buy for your home. But in our opinion, it is an important purchase. You will be using this showerhead day after, and if you buy a wrong one, you might end up this with dissatisfaction and discomfort. Choosing a wrong showerhead might be wasting your water and may not be environment-friendly. That is why you should allocate your time to choose the most suitable showerhead for you and avoid future dissatisfaction.

Choosing the right shower head will save you both money and energy and also, it could be as luxurious as possible with the budget that you have.

Fixed Or Hand-Held?

Apart from the functionality, actually there are two main kinds of showerheads are available in the market. You have the option of either choose a handheld showerhead or a fixed one.

A handheld showerhead is held on a holder that is mounted to a rail on the wall, or it can be a fixed system’s extension which has a mechanism to adjust the height to allow you to use a handheld showerhead as a fixed showerhead too.

Most of the people prefer the height-adjustable shower heads as it can ensure that everyone in the house may use the shower whatever of their height is.

Though this type of showerheads come with a part of the entire shower attachment along with the adjustable bar and mounting kit, still you can purchase something different if you want to upgrade an existing one.

Fixed rain shower head

You can purchase from a variety of styles, but designs and prices of these kits may vary considerably.  But there are some handheld showerheads that suite most of the people’s budgets.

A fixed shower head does not have an additional option for the showerhead it is just a simple that is fixed to the wall. If you like a simple look, this is the tidier one.

But it will not be able to give that convenience if you want to clean up children, pets or to wash your hair without getting a shower. Sometimes older people, as well as disabled people prefer handheld showers too.

Whatever shower head you choose there is always the option for you to adjust the spray style of the showerhead. It would be worthwhile to check out the reviews of the showerhead you are considering to purchase.

Also, it would be a very good idea if you could physically visit the store to determine how heavy it is and if you like the way it can be operated.

If you could be a little bit enthusiastic, whatever you buy a handheld or a fixed showerhead you may install it without a plumber and can save money on installation.


Handheld or basic fixed showerheads are the best options to choose from. These kinds of shower heads are easy to install, and you will be able to do this by yourself. All that you need to screw the showerhead set onto the wall, and that’s all.

Before installing the showerhead, you should make sure that the wall you are planning on attaching it onto is strong enough to bear the weight of the shower. As some showers could be a heavyweight, it is advisable to consult with a professional if you are unsure.

If you buy an electric shower, you should hire a certified electrician to ensure that the shower unit is completely safe for you to use. If it is not possible to install your shower by one person, then you may need to get help from a plumber too.

Save Energy

You should not buy a shower just seeing their impressive outlook, but you should also check how energy efficient shower head you have and not just impressed seeing their attractive design and shininess.

Energy inefficient showers can output 10 to 18 liters water per minute which means you have to spend more money if your water use monitored by a meter. Energy inefficient shower heads are mostly older models, and you should not consider this type of showers.

Most of the water-saving showers are used 5 to 7 liters per minute which is half compared with the inefficient older shower models. If you purchase a water-saving shower, you will not lose any water pressure either. If you are interested in learning what is WaterSense to save you can check EPA’s website.

stainless Steel Shower Panel Tower Systemstainless Steel Shower Panel Tower System

There is another area where you may save both money as well as water by heating less water. If you choose the water-saving shower, you are using half the water and would require to heat the half amount of water too. Accordingly, your carbon footprint will be lower, and you could save further money on the water heating bill.

Still, if you want to save even more energy and money, then you should check the water pressure of your home because if the water pressure is too low, then a low water shower may not give that much water pressure you need.

If you found that the water pressure of your house is too high, that’s mean you are actually be forcing more water than necessary through all your water feed appliances and in the long run this will be the cause of the cost of inefficiency.

You should replace all those water feed appliances to incorporate with the water pressure of your home. If you can do that, you will be benefited from the cost and energy in the long run.


If you have children who will also be using the shower you have just bought, you should be concerned about safety in the first place. Due to the sensitive skin of children than adults, you should not purchase anything that may be dangerous for them.

As the showerheads handle both hot and cold water, surprisingly some showerheads could let out too hot water and might be scalded shower users. To avoid this dangerous and unpleasant experience, you could just lower the thermostat on the water heater, but this may cause you the other problem. If you turn down the water heater temperature below 140° F, it may provide a breeding environment of some deadly bacteria. That is why some people prefer to use the anti-scald shower. This type of showers can cut off the water flow through the shower if the water is too hot.

Length Of Time It Takes For Hot Water To Cause 3rd degree Burns
Temperature Time To Cause Burns
Adult Child Under 5
100° F Cool Bath  Average Bath 
102° F Average Bath  Warm Bath 
105° F Average Hot Tub NOT Recommended 
120° F 9.5 Minutes 4.5 minutes
125° F 2 Minutes  1 Minute
130° F 30 Seconds  10 Seconds 
 135° F 15 Seconds 4 Seconds 
140° F 5 Seconds 1 second
150° F 1.8 Seconds 0.5 Second
Most water heaters come factory set (or with a factory recommended setting) at 120° F – it is recommended you follow manufacturer’s recommendations for the temperature setting to provide further protection against burns or scalding.

Nowadays, many modern shower valves are equipped with an anti-scald feature. It will let you define the hot water temperature level by mixing up with cold water before passing through the showerhead.

Additionally, you may also install a thermostatic valve to the hot water pipe near your shower. This valve will prevent too hot water flow passing through the shower. If you do not want to replace your entire shower, this could be an option for you.

But still, you may face a problem to install it if your pipelines are situated behind the tiled wall. Purchasing a new anti-scald shower will probably be a better choice for you if you are not interested in knocking into the wall to install a valve on the pipe.

Some shower heads are using the LED (light-emitting diode) which emits the color of the lights depending on the water temperature. By changing the color of the lights will indicate to you when the water is too hot, too cold or safe to shower in.


To match your home’s existing decor, the finish of a showerhead might be an important feature you may consider.

If you would like to buy just a showerhead to replace your broken or older one and do not want to change entire bathroom decoration, you should be careful here about the finish of your new showerhead match with your existing bathroom fixtures.  Choose from different finish options like nickel, chrome, brushed or polished which is suitable for you.

If you have decided to renovate your bathroom and change all those existing fixtures, you should keep your eye on the ball that all the new accessories you purchase for the bathroom match each other.

You should bear in mind that if you have hard water, you should avoid purchasing the metal showerheads. All metal accessories can collect mineral deposits. When it comes about showerheads, mineral deposits make it looking crusty with white marks which are very difficult to remove. Descaling a showerhead is a hard job and required a lot of maintenance to keep it workable and good looking.

On the other hand, Rubber nozzles will not clog the shower head by the mineral deposits. Also, rubber nozzles are easy to clean. You may consider a plastic head also if you have hard water. So, you have to bear in mind these factors before purchasing a new showerhead.


Depending on your budget you can upgrade showers as there are many options for you from affordable price to a very costly showerhead.

If you have found any glamorous very expensive shower or shower set, you should research more on it and should read reviews of that product. Does it provide any extra features that cannot offer a cheaper model or you just want to consider seeing its shiny look, You should check if there are any cheaper models out there that look similar and will it be good enough for you to spend so much money on the shower?

While you are comparing numerous kinds of showers or showerheads, you should not be influenced by their price tag. The price tag might not always be the reflection of the better quality of the product. You should check user reviews online from different sources of that product to be sure about it. It would help you to reach the final purchase decision.

Depending on the shower users you might consider replacing your shower accordingly. If every member of your house uses the same bathroom and if this is the only shower in your home, then you should spend a little more money and consider purchasing a durable and long-lasting shower.

If you are going to buy a shower for your guest bathroom, you may think about buying a very impressive looking shower. As this shower is not going to be used frequently like the other in your home, you have an option here to save a little money by compromising the performance of the shower. You can enjoy your freedom for the bathroom which only you will use, for instance, an en-suite bathroom; you may choose whatever shower you like to. It does not even need a match with your bathroom decor, but it is really up to you.

As you know, you may cut your cost by installing the shower by yourself. So, if you find any shower that is suitable for you and you will be able to install it by yourself, then you need to consider the cost of that shower only. But if you cannot do it as it is more complicated for you, then you should keep it in mind that it will cost you money to hire someone to do this.


These are some of the essential points that you should consider before making a purchase decision of a shower. If you could keep in mind all those tips while buying a shower, you may save a lot of money not only from purchasing the showerhead and having it installed but saving water as well as energy in the long run also.

To avoid frequent replacement of the showerhead, you should buy an affordable and durable showerhead. By purchasing a low-quality, energy inefficient and cheaper showerhead, do not think you are saving money, but in fact, these kinds of showerheads last for a short period of time. So you will have to replace it anyway within a few years.