How to Clean Glass Shower Doors with Dryer Sheets?
How to Clean Glass Shower Doors with Dryer Sheets

How to Clean Glass Shower Doors with Dryer Sheets?

You have heard that dryer sheets are great for softening fabrics and keeping them smelling fresh, but dryer sheets are not just for eliminating odors from clothes, they can also be used to clean other surfaces in the home. One such place is the shower. Scum builds up easily on the glass door or walls of your shower, leaving it looking dull and dingy. Cleaning this area with a dryer sheet will leave it looking new.

Put a few drops of your favorite essential oil on a dryer sheet, place it inside your shower caddy (if you do not have a caddy, simply tape the sheet to the wall), and enjoy the clean scent for up to six months.

Gather Supplies

To begin, you’ll need a few items:

A dryer sheet (or two)

A spongy squeegee to clean with

A small bowl and/or bucket for soaking dirty rags in cleaning solution (optional)

Rinse-Off the Doors Before Cleaning Them

First, rinse off the doors. You can use a soft cloth or sponge to do this (do not use any abrasive cleaners).

Then, wipe down the surface of your shower doors with a dryer sheet. It will absorb excess water and soap residue while leaving behind an all-natural scent!

Wash the Glass First. Use a Squeegee to Remove Extra Water.

  • First, wet the glass with water to remove any obvious dirt or scum. Use a sponge to wipe it off, and then squeegee any excess water from the surface of your shower doors using a clean cloth.
  • Make sure to wipe down your squeegee after each use with another clean cloth so that you don’t leave behind any residue on the glass (which might cause streaks).

Step 1

When cleaning the glass in your shower, you need to be careful about how much water you use. A lot of water can leave streaks and spots on the glass. The same is true for vinegar—if you use too much vinegar, it can leave a residue that attracts dirt and grime.

Instead of using too much water or vinegar, try using a squeegee to remove as much moisture from the door as possible. This will help prevent streaks and spots from occurring later on down the road. Once your shower door is dry (and hopefully streak-free), apply some lemon oil onto a clean cloth or towel and wipe it over your shower door to help keep it clean longer.

Step 2

The dryer sheet is now ready to scrub the soap scum from your glass shower doors. Be careful not to scrub too hard, as this can damage the surface of the glass. If you find that, you need more cleaning power than a single sheet offers, use another one or two sheets and continue scrubbing. You must rinse off any excess water before moving on to Step 3!

Step 3

Scrub the Glass with the Dryer Sheet

Once you have soaked the glass for a few minutes, it’s time to scrub. The best way to do this is with a dryer sheet. It may sound strange, but it works! Use the blue side of the dryer sheet and gently scrub in circles until your glass looks clean. You don’t need much pressure—just enough that the lint from your clothes will be able to get into all those crevices on your shower doors and wipe away bacteria and soap scum.

Once you have applied the dryer sheet, scrub the glass with it. This will lift some of the grime away from the surface of your shower door and help get rid of any fingerprints or smudges.

Surfactants lower the surface tension and reduce attraction between water and glass surfaces (and other materials). The surfactant on a dryer sheet allows you to use less water (which saves money) and still get great results!

Step 4

If you have lemon oil, use it. But any citrus-scented oil will do the trick. Lay a clean rag over the inside portion of your shower door and apply one small drop of oil to its center. Then, using a circular motion, rub the rag along the entire interior surface of your shower door. Repeat this step on both sides of your glass (inside and out).

The next time you wash your hands or take a bath or shower with water splashing against this treated area, watch as all that dirt from months ago comes off in one fell swoop—no elbow grease needed!

Apply Lemon Oil

If you have any, rub it on the glass after you have cleaned it with the dryer sheet. This will help keep your shower door glass clean for longer. It will also give you a nice lemon scent in your bathroom for weeks afterward.

You can buy lemon oil at most supermarkets or online retailers (though it’s usually cheaper to buy it at a supermarket).

Step 5

Now that you have got the glass nice and clean, it’s time to make sure your dryer sheets are still in good shape. To do so:

  • Run the dryer sheet under warm water for a few seconds. This will help freshen up its scent and remove soap scum that may have been collected during this process.
  • If you are using lemon oil on your shower doors (which we recommend), go ahead and apply it now! It’ll leave them shiny and beautiful with just one thin application.

Cleaning Shower Doors is Easy if you Use a Dryer Sheet.

Cleaning your shower doors with dryer sheets is easy and will save you money. The process only takes about 10 minutes and uses items that are non-toxic and safe for the environment. You’ll also be saving yourself the time that would otherwise be spent scrubbing at stubborn stains or cleaning soap scum from your glass enclosure.

If you are still not convinced, consider this: using a dryer sheet is the best way to clean almost any hard surface in one step!


If you are having trouble finding an easy, affordable way to clean your shower doors, try using dryer sheets. They might sound like an unusual cleaning tool, but they’ll do the job easily and without much effort. Best of all, they’re also a great solution for cleaning almost any hard surface in one step, so next time you’re faced with a seemingly impossible cleaning challenge, don’t be afraid to reach for the dryer sheets.