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How to Get Rid of Urine Smell in the Bathroom?

After cleaning, nothing is more frustrating than the stinky smell of urine in your bathroom. 

It is difficult to tell, actually, from where the smell comes. You might think it is the toilet smell, even after cleaning.

But the fact is, it may come from anywhere from your bathroom or any surface that urine can get into.

Have you ever thought about how you can remove the awful urine smell in your bathroom? What else can you do if your bathroom still smells of urine?  

Here I am going to share some quick and easy ways to get rid of the urine smell in the bathroom that works for me.

Method-1 Get Rid of Urine Smell by Using Bleach

  • Take a cup of bleach and pour it into the toilet bowl. Now wear gloves and use a sponge to clean the toilet bowl’s inside thoroughly. Bleach will help with cleaning and quickly remove urine smells from your bathroom.
  • When you open the lid, check if you can smell urine inside the tank. If you still smell urine, pour white vinegar into the tank and clean the sides.
  • It is good to clean the toilet floor. Urine can easily collect on the floor, and odor can gather in the bathroom, even if everything else is good and clean.
  • It is necessary to clean the toilet floor. Urine can easily collect on the floor, and odor can gather in the bathroom even if everything else is good and clean.
  • Put your bathroom rugs into the sink or washing machine to wash. If there is unexpected urine on the rugs, They will continue to emit this smell when moisture is in the air during the shower. Bath rugs cleaning is of the utmost importance.
  • Also, wash all moldings and pictures around the walls and floor shelves in the bathroom. The walls behind or next to the toilet are significant to clean thoroughly, as urine can splatter and stick to the walls when you flush the toilet.
  • If your bathroom looks clean and the urine smell has been removed from the toilet. Moreover, you will want to keep it always as it is. To eliminate that unpleasant bathroom odor, you can make your toilet soda by adding baking soda, vinegar, citric acid, hydrogen peroxide, and some essential oils. 
  • After you have prepared that soda, pour it into a bowl and place it in your bathroom. It will help to keep your bathroom smelling fresh. 
  • You will want your bathroom to smell fresh and be clean too. Cut a piece of magic eraser and drop it on the toilet to keep it clean between hours of deep cleaning. It floats and melts overnight to clean the toilet walls.

If you need help cleaning the toilet bowl without scrubbing, you can check out How To Keep Toilet Bowl Clean Without Scrubbing.

Method-2 Get Rid of Urine Smell by Using Shaving Cream

A can of shaving cream in the bathroom sink will eliminate the urine smell.

The best part about this cleanup hack is that it gets done in minutes. 

It will help to get rid of the urine smells almost instantly.

  • First, ensure the toilet is 100% clean to cover all our bases.
  • Most likely, your toilet seat is removable; you can pull the hinge right off the toilet to get into any tiny space where urine and bacteria like to hide.
  • Once you have taken the seat off, you can scrub and disinfect all the puddles, ​thanks to the bad-aim boy.
  • Once you confirm that the area is clean, ensure you thoroughly clean the entire exterior of the toilet, including all small nooks and crannies.
  • Give more care to hard-to-reach areas. The harder it is to reach, the more likely it is a space that has been unnoticed.
  • Bring out your shaving cream, and spread it all over the toilet. First, apply shaving cream throughout the toilet base. 
  • Then place it on the floor where you think urine could come out. The grout around the toilet is porous, so be careful.
  • You may need to cover the whole bathroom if you have young boys. However, if you are cleaning older children or adults, you can apply it to the close areas around the toilet. 
  • It’s time to clean up the dirt with shaving cream and enjoy the clean scent of your bathroom. 
  • If you plan to clean with both a sponge and water, then yes, the trick is to collect it in a plastic cup or dustpan with a squeegee also works well for this. 
  • A quick wipe-off with a damp cloth, and you are done.

If you are satisfied that your toilet is clean, you can be sure to eliminate the urine smell.


  • Don’t do this if you have parquet flooring. The floor is likely to warp or get a stain.
  • This is used to eliminate remaining odors instead of cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Don’t overdo your shaving cream. A thin layer will work just like the entire bottle.
  • Please do not leave it for long. It is not necessary because the smell will go away almost immediately. It will be hard to clean if it shrinks and dries on your floor.

Method-3 Get Rid of Urine Smell by Using Homemade Deodorizer 

It would be best to have the following things to make the Deodorizer. 

  • Juice of Lemon
  • Vinegar
  • Baking Soda
  • Toothbrush
  • Washcloth/Towel
  • Measuring Cup

Preparation and Application of Deodorant Paste

  • Use fresh lemons and squeeze them into a bowl.
  • Make a paste by adding baking soda with lemon juice.
  • Use rubber gloves if the next step seems odd to you.
  • Apply the paste everywhere, like sinks, cabinets, tubs, and all around the bathroom; there may be noticeable buildup or splashes.
  • Leave it for 20 minutes.

Clean Up the Toilet Tank

Open the toilet tank lid and pour half a cup of vinegar into the water. Leave it on for 16-20 minutes.

Don’t avoid this step, as the bathroom odor can sit in the toilet tank.

Cleaning Around The Bathroom

  • After 10 minutes, the paste might set up on every surface area you applied.
  • Then start cleaning all surfaces using the paste and wiping with a towel.
  • If your bathroom is next to a bathtub with a shower curtain, wash the curtain with a half cup of white vinegar.
  • .After wiping everything well, you will already notice the difference in smell. 
  •  Do not clean the tiles without rubbing the walls. 
  • Twenty minutes later, flush out the toilet.
  • Do it more than twice, then add half a cup of vinegar and let it sit. 
  • If you see something banging along the sides of the tank, you need to scrub the tank. 

Finally, Rub it with Vinegar.

  • Take a toothbrush, pour vinegar, and wipe the baking soda and lemon paste areas around the toilet.
  • Scrub all areas well with a toothbrush. Pour a small amount of vinegar over the paste and wipe it with a towel. 
  • If debris builds up on the toilet’s waterline, you can remove it with a pumice stone. I use this and feel it is very effective.
  • At last, flush the toilet 2-3 times more to flush out the vinegar in the tank once more.

Final Words

After completing all these steps, your bathroom will become radiant, clean, and much better.

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