How to Install the Magnetic Sealing Strip On a Glass Shower Door?

Sealing strips for shower doors are a general placement in bathrooms and shower rooms. You may not know much about it. But they are simply there. That is until the strips began to make a series of problems and need to fix them.

To fit a shower door seal, one needs to know it as much as possible. And become certain which type of seal suits your needs. Here we will talk about magnetic seal strips and how to replace them in your shower door.  

You can use various types of seals to seal off your shower room. Every one of them is designed to ensure a particular size gap. The bottom seal ensures the gap within the door and shower tray; the magnetic shower strip seal permits the shower doors to close safely. 

What is Magnetic Shower Door Strip 

A magnetic door strip is a high tempered and deformation-resistant plastic seal. It is produced from a combination of modified non-toxic translucent polyvinyl chloride (PVC); with black or white magnet forms. And with the addition of stabilizers, plasticizers, greases, pigments, fillers, and antibacterial substances. The seal is resistant to distortion, cleaning agents, and damage, and likewise, it is water-resistant. 

A magnetic shower door strips for 90, 135, or 180- degree glass-to-glass door closing purposes to stop water running. It has a built-in magnet that attracts with a force of 24 N/cm, allowing for an excellent adherence of the seals to each other. Depending on the use of magnetic strips mainly, built-up into low-temperature resistant strips, high-temperature resistant strips, and water and moisture resistant strips. It is usable in pairs for straight or angle shower doors; seals just need to push into the edge of the shower doors. It can fit on square, sliding, angular door shower rooms; and be fit with various glasses thickness. 

Why does Magnetic Shower Door Seal Need to be Replaced? 

Though magnetic shower door seal has water resistance with corrosion preventive capability, it gradually loses its watertight and protecting qualities. Because of long-term wearing, exposure around in the humid condition or plunging in the water everyday use. Eventually, these magnetic door strips lose their strength and become brittle, and do not seal as well as they used to. And can cause mold or crack, which leads to water spread from the shower area to the commonplace when anyone sprays.

You will need to replace shower door seals every few years to protect the pool of water forming on the bathroom floor; when you meet those difficulties. 

Picking an Appropriate Shower Seal

Three factors are vital when picking a shower door seal. So you have to consider those factors. 

  • Measure the thickness of the glass.
  • Verify the area to install the seal.
  • Be sure about your shower; is it half-round or square. 

There are various types of shower door seals found on the market. The first kind is known as shower door sweep, and it is also called door wipes. The primary purpose of this kind of seal is waterproofing. When the shower door is closed, it connects the gap within the door; and door frame and makes a closed space. When the door is open, the friction within the two will separate the water instantly on the door. 

The second type of shower door sill is a magnetic strip. That is bonded to the edge of the shower tray or adhered to the shower floor.

While buying a seal strip for the shower doors bottom side, be sure to measure the area within the tray and the door. Taking the correct measurements will make it easier for you; to pick accurately which shower seal you need. Be careful that a seal applied on the door side edge is not the same as the bottom seal, so you need to choose the appropriate type for your condition. 

Proper Glue to Attach a Magnet Strip to the Glass on Shower Doors

Most of you will be amazed when you’ll come to know that; your glass shower doors include magnets. But they are not apparent from the surface. This kind of stand-up shower utilizes the force of an upward magnet strip to keep it close tight and hold all the water indoors. 

If you decide to hire an expert to install a magnetic strip on your shower door, then it can be pretty expensive. 

Understanding how to perform this process yourself surely will not harm you. Keep reading to know which is the best sort of glue for attaching magnet strips to the glass on the shower doors.

The magnet strip’s effectiveness inside the shower door; will depend upon the glue you are using to attach the magnet strip if you are going for an adhesive method that is not very strong or sticky. Probable you will face some problems later on. 

To install an effective magnetic strip that will serve for long inside of the shower door, holding it tight with a strong magnetic field, make sure that it stays in place after adjusting it in place.   

The below list shows you some of the most helpful ways for attaching magnetic strips to glass, particularly if it comes to the inside of a shower door.

  • Silicone Glue
  • Contact Adhesive
  • Double Stick Tape

The most suitable glue for adding a magnet strip to the glass on shower doors is Silicone Glue and Contact Adhesive.

Different types of glue can be used for attaching a magnetic strip toward shower doors, but using silicon glue and contact adhesive is the best option. 

If you do not like to use liquid glue, you can use a very firm double-stick tape instead. 

You are halfway to successfully installing a magnetic strip of your glass shower door by choosing the correct glue. 

How to Install the Magnetic Sealing Strip? 

You have already got the idea of what type of glue is the best to use for attaching a magnetic strip to the inside of your glass shower door. You will be able to complete the task by using this method. You need the following materials to fulfill the task. 

Materials Needed:

  • Magnetic strip for shower door
  • Adhesive method of your choice
  • Scissors or sharp blade to cut the magnet with
  • Screwdriver to open the latch
  • Measuring tool

How To Attach a Magnet Strip Onto a Glass Shower Door?

  • Remove the screw on the internal lever of the door (opening the place for the magnet strip)
  •  Uncover the magnetic strip away from the door
  • Clean the glass surface
  • Cut the magnet strip according to the size of the space (Cut new strip against the old one for accuracy)
  • Now use the adhesive of your choice to the back of the magnet
  • Place the new magnetic strip in place of the old one with glue. 
  • Let the adhesive dry
  • Replace the latch and adjust the screw again
  • Check the quality of the magnet by opening and closing the door.

Usually, seal specifications are 6mm, 8mm,10mm,12mm.

The colors are also transparent with some soft and rigid characteristics. 

Choose the magnetic strip seal according to the size of your shower seal door. It should fit ideally into the gaps and joints of the glass shower room. 

How To Replace a Magnet Strip On a Glass Shower Door?

Replacing a shower door seal is a more straightforward task than you think it is. The entire project needs only a few minutes to accomplish.

To replace magnetic strips on a glass shower door. Follow the steps mentioned above (how to attach a magnet strip onto a Glass Shower Doors) when installing the magnetic strips for the first time on your shower door.

  • Remove the screw on the latch
  • Peel the magnetic strip away from the door
  • Cut the new strip against the old one for the correct size
  • Replace the new strip in place of the old one with adhesive
  • Replace the latch and closed the door
  • Examine the replacement

The Advantage of Using a Magnetic Strip Seal

Magnetic seals are commonly used for shower doors in the shower room as watertight rubber seals. See below some of the benefits of using magnetic strips.

Waterproof Magnetic Strip

Nowadays, most of the raw materials for rubber strips are PVC. They are used for waterproofing and heat-protecting doors and windows.

Magnetic seals stand out because they use high-quality strips combined with magnet guides to great results. i.e., watertight performance.

Wide Variety of Options

Magnetic strips are obtainable in a wide variety of choices. Many companies now provide customized magnetic seals. It is for all the various types of shower rooms, depending on the nature of the apartment and the style you favor.

Customer Customization

It is important to face various types of customization while keeping installation simple. The magnetic strip does not need glass glue as it can directly attach to the glass doors.

The Benefits of Magnetics Sealing Strips 

Magnetic door seals have the following advantages:

  • Excellent tensile strength
  • Molecular migration: mainly defined by the characteristics and content of plasticizers
  • The elongation at break has an advantage
  • Cold resistance
  • Oil resistance
  • Antibacterial
  • Anti-fungal properties
  • Sealing

If the magnetic seal is correctly attached to your shower door, it will be firmly adjusted with the glass of the shower door. This will prevent all kinds of leakage with magnetic seals on both sides.


Magnetic seals have their unique characteristics and advantages over conventional rubber seals. 

  • A magnetic door strip is a high tempered and deformation-resistant plastic seal. 
  • Magnetic door strips are made from a combination of modified non-toxic translucent polyvinyl chloride (PVC).
  • The primary purpose of a seal is to prevent the splash of water in the shower room. It is a great thing to ensure the shower door seal. 
  • Magnetic seals have lots of benefits; the seal is resistant to distortion, cleaning agents, and damage, and likewise, it is water-resistant. 
  • Four standard sizes (6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12m) magnetic seals are available in the market.
  • The colors are transparent with some soft and hard features. 

This is how you can install the magnetic sealing strip on a Glass Shower door, and it will also help you choose what to do when installing and replacing your shower door seals.