How to Remove a Towel Bar that Has No Visible Screws?

How to Remove a Towel Bar that Has No Visible Screws?

A Towel bar removal done without visible screws seems complicated at first glance, but it is simple. It can be the case when you want to get rid of an old towel bar in your bathroom and put a new one in its place.

While you do not see any screws that you can untie and remove the old towel bar, there might be some. Don’t worry; with a little bit of know-how and patience, you can still get this job done by following this guide about; how to remove a towel bar without visible screws? 

This guide includes all the necessary information you need to remove a towel bar and replace it with your new one without requiring any special tools if you don’t have them on hand.

Why Do You Need to Remove the Towel Bar from Your Bathroom?

Towel bars are a good idea when it comes to organizing your towels. They keep your towels nice and dry and preserve the longevity of towels. 

Not everyone likes how a particular style looks; and wants to remove them for aesthetic purposes, or if you ever need to change the interior of your bathroom, or some other reasons. However, adding a towel bar to your bathroom is a good idea.

Possible Reasons for Removing the Towel Bar

  • First, you may not have set the towel bar at a good height; if you have small children, they may not be able to reach it. For this, you will need to remove the towel bar and adjust it so people of all heights can use it.
  • If you want to modify the bathroom and add a double-sink vanity, but the towel bar blocks your plans.
  • You might also have overestimated how much space is available in your bathroom, so having to remove the towel bar is the best call for that reason.
  • If you plan to redesign or renovate your bathroom, you may need to remove the towel bar from the wall. If you like to have a towel bar in your bathroom, you can reinstall it after the redesign.

How to Remove a Towel Bar that Attached Without Any Screw?

If no screws on your towel bar are visible, it does not mean that the attachment screws are not present. For example, there may be a screw hidden beneath a decorative cap, or a tab that keeps the towel bar attached to its wall mount, or a towel bar is glued to the wall.

Follow the below steps to remove the towel bar:


If your towel bar has a set screw, loosen it until one end of the bar slides off, then repeat for the other end.


If you do not see a set screw on the towel bar, look for a metal tab that holds the end bar in place. Use a flat screwdriver to press down on and release the bar. Repeat for the other end.


Cut the adhesive on both end posts with an oscillating tool and a grinding wheel, then remove the towel bar from the wall.

Towel bars with hidden screws or complex tabs can be difficult to remove. Here is how to undertake any of these common towel holder types.

Towel Bars With Hidden Screws

Try to see if you can find the way the bar is attached to the wall.

Though the towel bar may not be mounted to the wall by screws, it is probably mounted using some anchor. You should find out what anchor was used and how it was used to make it easier to remove the towel bar.

If you neglect to consider what adhesive is used in an assembly, you may face difficulties; in separating the pieces without damaging them. In addition, some elements are more challenging to remove than others. For example, glue is much harder to remove than double-sided tape. 

Removing Glue Can Be A Challenge

As with any adhesive, the glue holding a towel bar to the wall can be challenging to remove. Pulling on the bar may break it, and pulling out a bar; that is glued on the wall can sometimes cause damage to the wall.

Here is a simple guide for removing a towel bar that is glued to the wall or the tiles. This will prevent damage to both the bar and the walls or tiles.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Remove the Towel Bar

Follow these instructions; so that you can remove the towel bar.


To remove the towel bar from the towel rack first, remove the end caps from each end of the towel bar. These are not made to fit together and should be easily removable.


Insert a flat tool, and insert it into the space between the bar ends and the wall, making sure that you have a firm grip on the tool. By pulling it away from the wall, you can easily pull out the end bars away from the wall as well.


After you remove the rest of the glue or two-way tape, then you can begin painting.

Removing Double-Sided Adhesive Tape

Double-sided adhesive tape is easier to remove if it was used on tiles. However, if the two-way tape is used on the wall or paints, the paint may become damaged if you do not remove it correctly.

If the two-way tape is used on tiles, you can pull off the tape and clean the rest of the tape with paint remover or glue remover. Again, there will be no damage to the towel bars or the tiles.

If you used the two-way tape on the walls, first, you need to be careful not to damage the paint. Spraying some thinners on the tape will soften the glue and make it easier to pull off; without causing any damage.

Final Words

You have now learned how to remove a towel bar from the wall without any difficulty. You can then go ahead and install a new towel bar that caught your eye. 

You have seen how easy it is to remove a towel bar that has no screw compared to those fixed with screws.