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What Kind of Glass Is Used For Shower Doors?

Are you planning a bathroom renovation or a new build? The Bathing space might be the most important area that you should focus on in the first place. A classic tub and shower combination is more preferable for many people as it tends to save space and is cost-effective as well. However, many homes feature nowadays a walk-in shower and omit to install either a bathtub or a separate soaking tub.

When it comes to walk-in showers, there are many options for you for both doors and the enclosure. Glass is a perfect choice as it is naturally water repellent and easy to clean.

If you are planning to install a frameless shower door, then obviously you are wondering about the kind of glasses that should be used. If you want to custom build your glass shower door or enclosed then you have many options to choose from which we have discussed in this article but if you prefer to install a readymade one, then Best Frameless Shower Door – Reviews & Guide worth reading

Depending on the structure, we can classify the glass shower doors and enclosures into three different kinds-

Types of Shower Doors

Framed Shower Doors:

When it comes to the Shower enclosure, we mostly envision the framed shower doors. Featuring metal framing surrounding all over corners of the glass panels, these types of glass enclosures are attached with screws to the bathroom walls and secure the shower area. You can use thinner glasses to build the framed shower enclosure because it is used for framing around every corner which keeps the structural integrity. Making this unit is relatively inexpensive and you will find them in a variety of finishes that will meet your test and bathroom decor as well.

Semi-frameless Shower Enclosures:

Semi-frameless shower doors meaning the half framed and the half frameless shower doors. The style of this type of shower door is featured raming on one or more glass panels.

It could include some framed panels whereas the shower door remains frameless. On the other hand, it may be framed on all panels including the top and bottom, but there may not be any frame in between them.

Due to semi-frameless shower doors minimizing the sightlines, they are more stimulating than framed shower doors.

The glass of the semi-frameless shower doors may not require to be thick but the frameless shower glass obviously will be used considerably thicker glass than the framed shower glass.

Frameless Shower Enclosures:

Frameless shower doors are the most modern-looking glass shower enclosure options with heavy-duty tempered glass and discreet hardware. As there is no framing, it minimizes sightlines. Instead of framing, an individual piece of hardware is used to join separate glasses. It gives an aesthetic look with the very visible and exposed hardware. To keep the enclosure structural integrity without any framing, this type of shower door is used much thicker and heavier glasses than the framed or semi-frameless shower doors.

These are the basic classification of glass shower doors or enclosures by their structure. There are many other types of glass shower doors which are mainly the extended version of those three types we mentioned above. Such as –

  • Sliding glass doors
  • Swinging glass doors
  • Bi-fold shower doors
  • Curved glass shower doors
  • Pivot shower doors
  • Corner shower doors etc

What is The Best glass thickness for a shower door?

The most important thing on your bathroom renovation list is the shower glass and that you should not count this lightly. The shower glass can be a prime central feature of your bathroom renovation effort that could impress people who visit your house.

The thickness of the shower glass will define the look and feel of your shower door and represent your aesthetic test as well.

Shower Door Glass Thickness

It is known to everyone that the thickness of all shower glass is not the same. The variety of framing options in shower glass doors also affect the weight of the glass.

As of shower glass professionals and experts, the thickness options for the frameless shower door glass are usually 1/2″ and 3/8″.

3/8″ is the minimum thickness that is essential for the durability and overall robustness of the frameless glass door. As it is less expensive than the thicker glass options, it is a popular choice among people for a glass shower door.

But, if you are more concerned about the decor than the expense, you can use thicker glass that will express your aesthetic test along with the impressive look.

It is important to remember that larger and thicker glass panels will need strong hardware and architecture to support it.

So, it would be better to talk to a reputable glass shower door installer to see the best suitable options for your project.

What Type of Glass Should I Use for My Shower Door?

While you are thinking about what type of glass shower door would be framed or frameless and what would be the glass thickness of your shower door project, you should also be conscious about the type of glass that would be used for your shower door.

While it comes to choose the type of show glasses, there are two options to choose from, laminated or tempered glass. Nowadays, shower glass experts and professionals are inspiring people to use tempered glass when building shower doors or enclosures.

Difference Between Tempered Glass and Laminated Shower Glass

There is a noticeable difference between tempered glass and laminated shower glass in their built process. But, in the end, the distinguishable difference between them is how the glass breaks. In nature, the tempered glass breaks into smaller pieces whereas the laminated glass cracks but tends to stay together due to the clear plastic film sandwiched between and around the two or more pieces of glasses.

What is Tempered Glass?

During the manufacturing process, a piece of annealed or ordinary glass is heated and then immediately cooled to make tempered glass. This procedure is called tempering. This process changes the characteristics of the glass and makes it significantly stronger and durable than ordinary annealed glass. When it breaks, it separates into small pieces that are not as sharp and dangerous as the shards of normal glass.

What is a Laminated Glass?

Laminated glass is nothing but two or more layers of regular or tempered glasses sandwiched with plastic layers (vinyl interlayers) between. Due to the plastic layers, the glass will tend to stick together when it breaks.

What are My Custom Shower Glass Finishes and Options?

Some manufacturers of shower doors and enclosures offer many different custom glass options when you’re looking for shower doors with custom shower glass.

  • Clear Glass
  • Opaque and Frosted Glass
  • Rain Glass
  • Patterned Glass
  • Tinted Glass
  • Hammered Glass
  • Low-Iron Glass

are the most common custom glass options available for you on the market.