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Ana Bath SS5450CBN 5 Inch Anti Clog Spray Dual Shower Head Combo Review

Ana Bath earns its reputation as a quality product manufacturer for bathroom products, especially shower heads products.

You can rely on their products without any hesitation. The products of Ana Bath are durable and well-reviewed, with versatile and innovative features. Ana Bath shower provides a luxurious shower experience. Ana Bath SS5450CBN Handheld and Showerhead Combo is not an exception.

The name of this showerhead is the Ana Bath SS5450CBN Double Shower Head Combo, which is pretty self-explanatory. Ana Bath used a double-head combo shower head system with anti-clog showerhead technology.

Nowadays, double shower head systems are getting popular when it comes to modern bathroom decor. The specialty of such dual shower heads is that both showerheads can run at the same time. Furthermore, you can turn off one head and use the other one or vice versa as well.

Ana Bath SS5450CBN Brushed Nickel High Pressure Dual Shower HeadAna Bath SS5450CBN Brushed Nickel High Pressure Dual Shower Head

You may find many double-headed showerheads in the market, but this one is the feature-rich most affordable one. It is not the low-quality cheap dual showerhead but nobody can argue if they consider how many features it offers with that price range. Most people love its five-function features and, therefore, probably be one of the reasons that got attention among the masses.

Ana Bath SS5450CBN Brushed Nickel High Pressure Dual Shower HeadAna Bath SS5450CBN Brushed Nickel High Pressure Dual Shower Head

Technical Details: Ana Bath SS5450CBN

  • Product Dimensions: 7.8 x 6.3 x 13.1 inches
  • Item Weight: 2.72 pounds
  • Model number: SS5450CBN
  • Color/Finish: Brushed Nickel, Chrome & Oil-Rubbed Bronze
  • Shape: Circular
  • Installation: Method Screw-In
  • Flow Rate: 2.31 GPM
  • Hose Length: 60 inches
  • Special Features: Easy to Install
  • Usage: Multi-Function Combo Shower System

Pros And Cons Of Ana Bath SS5450CBN


  • Ana Bath 5 function SS5450CBN designed to be used both showerheads at the same time without losing water pressure. Or it can also be used either the handheld showerhead or the stationary showerhead as per the user preference as well. 
  • Combined with both the fixed showerhead and a handheld shower head
  • To provide a better showering experience, Ana Bath SS5450CBN Double Shower Head Combo offers five different modes of water flow spray patterns.
  • Tool-free easy Installation process, not require any plumber. 
  • Anti clog nozzles with mineral and lime deposit resistance.
  • Water-saving and low flow showerhead. Only 2.31 gallons per minute flow rate. 
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  • This product is not for avg budget.

Key Features Of The Ana Bath SS5450CBN

Ana Bath Anti-Clog Nozzles System

Though anti-clog nozzles are common features nowadays, not all the showerheads available in the market offer these features. Calcium and minerals buildup causes clogging the showerhead’s nozzles. To prevent this situation, Ana Bath SS5450CBN Dual Combo Showerhead comes with silicone nozzles. This type of nozzle can combat any deposits.

Metal Brass Fittings

Despite being in a tight budget range, Ana Bath obviously deserves the praise that they have done well to strengthen the parts that can easily be broken.

  1. A durable swivel brass ball joint attached to one of the showerheads that used to angle adjustment.
  2. To divert the water flow through the preferred showerheads, handheld shower head, stationary showerhead or through them both to have a shower together or separately as per your preference, a 3-way diverter attached with a brass metal connector for better durability.
  3. It comes with a durable stainless steel supper flexible five-foot shower hose and two brass nuts fittings.

Five Different Spray Patterns

Ana Bath 5 function SS5450CBN is a double head shower head. It allows you to choose from five different settings (Saturating Spray, Massage Spray, Bubbling Spray, Saturating Massage Spray, Saturating Bubbling Spray) for each of the shower heads apart. You can identify those settings are distinctly different from each other. It is really nice to have such a diversity of shower settings.

Three-Way diverter System

When you choose a dual-head combo shower system, you will want to have full control over the water flow between them. A diverter valve is something that you have to have here to control the flow of the water through both showerheads.

Ana bath includes a three-way diverter valve with this shower that allows you to control the water flow as per your preferred one shower head or through both showers simultaneously.

You can even use this as a wand holder if you want both showerheads as a stationary shower. Ana Bath knows where it requires durability, so they have made this 3-way diverter mount with durable brass.

Three Different Colors & Finishes

Ana Bath SS5450CBN offers three different colors and finishes. Depending on your taste and bathroom decor, you can choose from chrome, brushed nickel, and oil-rubbed bronze color.

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Handheld Shower Head With A Hose

A handheld shower option is great and expected with any showerhead but if the hose is not long enough then it could be the cause of your dissatisfaction. Ana bath provides a 5ft long stainless steel shower hose with the SS5450CBN handheld and showerhead combo. If you need a hose longer than that, you can contact Ana Bath’s customer service. They can provide you longer hose as well.

Economy Shower head

Ana Bath has confirmed the exact flow rate of this shower head is 2.31 GPM which is close to the recommended maximum flow rate in the US and that is 2.5 GPM. So, in a word you can call this an economy shower head, and also the water flow power of this shower head is pretty impressive as well.

Simple Installation Process

You can easily install this Ana Bath anti-clog shower head combo system without any plumber support and even you do not require any tools to install this system. It will comfortably fit with any standard ½ inch plumbing connector.

You just need to unscrew and detach your old shower before installing the SS5450CBN by hand. An easy-to-install guide is included with this product and there is very little chance that you could experience any problem while installing this showerhead.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can both shower heads use at the same time?

Yes, you can and this is one of the great benefits of this combo shower head. In fact, without losing noticeable water pressure, both shower heads can perform together simultaneously.

Is this shower head made of metal?

No way to metal construct in this price range. But Ana Bath crafted the body of the shower head with premium-grade durable ABS plastic with a metallic appearance.

To improve the durability of this shower, they also used brass metal for the ball joint of the shower head and the connector of the diverter. The hose of this shower is made of stainless steel with brass nuts.

Are both shower heads high pressure?

Both shower heads are high pressure when they are used individually. The pressure slightly drops when both are on at the same time but that drop is barely noticeable. If you still could not be satisfied with the pressure you can remove the flow restrictors from both showers for utilizing the maximum available pressure of your residence.

Are both shower heads adjustable?

Yes, these dual shower heads are flexible for angle adjustment. The stationary shower head allows moving about 15 degrees in any direction as per your preference. It is easier to change the direction while it is connected to the diverter. And yes, the handheld shower is also adjustable but the moveable direction is from top to bottom or vice versa.

Does the anti-clog system work?

Yes, the anti-clog system works. The nozzles of both shower heads are made of self-cleaning soft rubber. It is simple to rub clean. It just requires your interaction to clean up those nozzles. To remove mineral and calcium deposits you just need to push the nozzles with water on.

Does this use twice as much water when both showers are running?

No, as both shower heads are attached from the same single pipework which you used for your single showerhead, so it will not be able to use twice as much water. When both shower heads are on, the same amount of water flow just split into two ways from the single flow pipe.

Simultaneously using both shower heads result in a gentle stream from both heads, on the other hand, using the single head gives a little more vigorous flow of the stream.

Final Thought

Dual shower head combo systems are becoming popular nowadays. People admire having different streams from two different showerheads and also love to utilize the flexibility of a handheld showerhead while the other one remains stationary.

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The Ana Bath anti-clog shower head combo system is a combination of great value for the money, power of stream, and longevity. It is really a good option for those who want to have a combo shower system and enjoy a spa-like shower experience.

Though Ana Bath SS5450CBN is not made of metal or top grated materials and even though you may not see this unit in any luxurious hotels as their default bathroom fittings, but that should not be the quality judgment standard of a showerhead and also should not think that this unit will not be perfect for a home bath setup.

We have analyzed a huge amount of good reviews and satisfied the customer’s user experience. This Ana Bath SS5450CBN would be a great choice for anyone who is looking for a double shower head or dual shower head with a handheld.