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6 Best Shower Filters For Hard Water

Did you ever notice that your skin feels weird after taking every bath?

Well, many of us do not notice the issue and naturally use moisturizers to soften the skin tone. But if you focus on this particular issue, this could help you make a decision to change the shower head water filter.

In fact, using a shower head purifier, you can refine the water quality while taking a bath. Moreover, the shower water filter will also improve the skin tone and remove skin disorders caused by dirty water.

But, how to find the best shower filter?

Yes, that is the burning question. Amid hundreds of best shower head filters, this is tough to find the right one. So, the shower filter reviews below will help you get the perfect match for your needs.

Best Shower Head Filters: Feature Comparison Table

Product Image

Product Details

Price Source

2. Aquasana Premium Shower Filter

3. Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter System

4. AquaBliss High Output Universal Shower Filter

5. Vitamin C Filter Inline Shower Assembly by Sonaki

6. WaterChef SF-7C Premium Shower Filter System

Best Shower Filter Reviews


AquaBliss High Output Revitalizing Shower Filter: Best Shower Filter

AquaBliss High Output Revitalizing Shower FilterAquaBliss High Output Revitalizing Shower Filter

Technical Details

  • Product Dimensions: 7.7 x 3.8 x 3.7 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.25 pounds
  • Item model number: AB-SF100
  • Color: Chrome
  • Material: ceramic

AquaBliss is one of the leading shower filters and comes with several unique features. The filter can reduce sediments, harmful chemicals, chlorines and others. But the price is lower than the contemporary showers available in the market. Moreover, this is a durable filter that can serve for a long time.

Key Features:

Normalizes Water:

First of all, this shower filter can make the water to return in its normal state. It removes all the unnecessary elements like chemicals, dirt, chlorine, pesticides, odors and pharmaceuticals from water. As a result, the water goes back to the natural state.

Improves Skin:

Whenever you bath using this filter, your skin will get gradual improvement. After a week, you will start feeling that the hardness of the skin is no more. The hairs and nails will shine. It happens as the water filter removes the water pollutants and you get a comfortable shower experience.

Multi-stage Filtering:

Moreover, this water filter comes with multi-stage filtering. Because of several stages, it can easily purify various types of water pollutants. It has sediments filter, activated carbon and ceramic balls inside. As a result, the water gets a complement treatment before you use it.

But the other usual shower filters cannot perform like this particular filter. They only purify the water instead of reducing the complete water purification cycle.


On the other part, this is a budget-friendly water filter. Despite several special features, the price is lower. And you get optimum services that you even cannot imagine as well.


  • Easy installation
  • Durable water filter
  • Complete water purification
  • Improves skin and nails


  • Water smells bad
  • Does not perform as advertised

Aquasana Premium Shower Filter for Use With Existing Shower Head

Aquasana Deluxe Shower Water Filter SystemAquasana Deluxe Shower Water Filter System

Technical Details

  • Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 3.2 x 3.2 inches
  • Item Weight: 2.4 pounds
  • Item model number: AQ-4100NSH
  • Color: White
  • Style: Shower Filter – No Head
  • Material: Iron
  • Flow Rate: 2.5 GPM
  • Warranty: One-Year Limited Warranty

This is another Aquasana shower filter at your disposal. It comes with several lucrative features. The filter can reduce the amount of chlorine and chemicals from water. And makes the water pristine. So, bathing in the water filtered from this filter will render a special experience and will bring moisture in your skin.

Key Features:

Removes Chlorine:

Though many of the shower water filter manufacturers claim removal of chlorine, they can’t. This is the basic difference with the other filters of this one. To make your skin look younger, it removes the presence of chlorine completely. Consequently, you get softer skin within a week.

Easy Installation:

Installation of the shower water filter is another issue. Many of the users are unable to install the filters. But following some DIY methods, you can install it in the shower. No professional support is required for this type of installation. So, you can save your time, money and efforts.

Improved Hair:

As this shower water filter can reduce the presence of chemicals and other water contaminants, you get softer hair. Besides, the hairs will start shining while your scalp will also get some benefits. It will be healthier than before and hair will last longer.

Versatile Applications:

Besides, you can also have a versatile application of this shower. Most of the shower filters are usable on the overhead shower head. But you can have some differences here. You can use it with a hand shower as well. This will help you to customize your shower using experience and provide a comfortable feel.


  • Removes harmful chemicals and residues
  • Easy installation
  • Versatile use
  • Several stage filtering


  • Water leaks
  • Installation is slightly complex

Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter System

Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter SystemAquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter System

Technical Details

  • Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 7.2 x 3.2 inches
  • Item Weight 2.3 pounds
  • Item model number: AQ-4100
  • Color: White
  • Style: Shower Filter
  • Material: Plastic
  • Flow Rate: 2.5 GPM
  • Certification: certified frustration-free
  • Warranty: One-Year Limited Warranty

If you really love your hair, skin and nails, this is the right shower water filter for you. It comes with versatile applications. Moreover, this is a durable filter that has several layers of filtering options. Thus, it can remove the water contaminants easily from water. Your bathing experience becomes more pleasant and refreshing.

Key Features:

Chlorine Removal:

This particular shower water filter system comes with the feature of chlorine removal. You can get rid of chlorine while bathing. In fact, chlorine is one of the leading contaminants that make your hair drier and changes the tones of your nail. Regular bathing with this filter will bring a glaze in your hair and nails.

Several Filtering Stages:

To remove water contaminants and other harmful elements, this water filter comes with several filtering stages. As a result, water contaminants like chemicals, pesticides, sediments, dirt – all are perfectly removed from the water. And ultimately, the bathing experience becomes smooth.


Moreover, you can also get some other additional features with this water filter. It comes with a massage shower too. So, if you need a massage after a hefty day, you can opt for it from this shower head. Besides, there are several settings for this massaging shower which also doubles the enjoyment.

Reliable With a Stylish Hook:

The overall look of this shower filter is stylish. In fact, you will be in love with the product right after having the first look. Moreover, this is a reliable filter that will provide a constant performance with less maintenance.

At the same time, the superior design of the product ensures smooth water flow all the time. So, if you need a durable and consistent shower water filter, grab this one.


  • Superior design
  • Several stages of filtering
  • Massage settings
  • Removes water contaminants


  • Overpriced
  • Sprinkles water around the bathroom

AquaBliss High Output Universal Shower Filter

AquaBliss High Output Universal Shower FilterAquaBliss High Output Universal Shower Filter

Technical Details

  • Product Dimensions: 3.7 x 3.7 x 5.4 inches
  • Item Weight: 15.2 ounces
  • Model number: SF220
  • Color: Chrome

Without clean and clear water, a bath remains incomplete. Besides, some of the clean waters also contain potential water pollutants that are invisible in bare eyes. This AquaBliss universal shower filter protects from those invisible contaminants on water. Moreover, this filter can improve your scalp and thus reducing hair fall and brightening skin naturally.

Key Features:

Removes Water Pollutants:

The most impressive issue is that it can remove the most prominent water contaminants. It can remove bacteria, chlorine, dirt, pesticides and even bad smell. Based on several stages of treatment, the water becomes fresh. So, having a bath in it will help to get a satisfactory feel.

Rejuvenates Skin and Body:

On the other part, bathing underwater of this shower helps to rejuvenate the skin tone. Usually, bathing with contaminated water makes the body look darker. But with the gradual use of fresh and purified water, the complexion gets back to the former state. The concern about health impacts will vanish gradually. You will never feel the itches on your body.

Powerful Purification:

This is one of the leading and strong water purification system. It has a two-in-one purification feature. As a result, the water filtering system removes all the unnecessary elements quickly. You need no worries about the authenticity of the system. It performs its best even with low water flow.

Durable Product:

Moreover, this particular product is durable. You will get a long-time service from the water filter. Besides, it needs less maintenance and the installation is easier too.


  • Two-in-one filtering system
  • Rejuvenates skin tone and body
  • Simple installation
  • Universal fit


  • May smell chlorine
  • Price is a bit higher

Vitamin C Filter Inline Shower Assembly by Sonaki

Vitamin C Filter Inline Shower Assembly by SonakiVitamin C Filter Inline Shower Assembly by Sonaki

Technical Details

  • Product Dimensions: 7.9 x 2.7 x 9.8 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Model number: SUF-100v
  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Resin

For better and satisfactory bathing, this Vitamin C Filter shower is a perfect product. The filter cleans water properly and removes unwanted chemicals. The most impressive issue is that it can remove chlorine over 99 percent. Installation of the system is easier too. You can use the filter inline with using your existing shower head.

Key features:

Removes Chlorine:

The prime feature of this shower water filter is that it can remove chlorine over 99 percent. Usually, chlorine is one of the key culprits in water that causes skin and hair damage. So, when you are getting a bath free of chlorine water, your skin will shine naturally.

Durable Filter:

On the other part, this is a durable shower water filter. It can provide a consistent service of up to 3,000 gallons of water. But the other similar water filters cannot last so long as it can. Thereby, it would be a great buy who is looking for those who want a sustainable solution for their shower water filter.

Easy Installation:

Besides, the installation process of the filter is also simple. You can install the filter with three easy steps. So, there is no need for any professional plumber to install the filter in your bathroom. This is a DIY product and you can enjoy the benefits without hassles.


  • Softens water
  • Longer lasting
  • Simple installation process
  • Make healthy skin


  • Design needs improvement
  • Smells chlorine

WaterChef SF-7C Premium Shower Filter System

WaterChef Premium Shower Filter System SF-7C with DeluxeWaterChef Premium Shower Filter System SF-7C with Deluxe

Technical Details

  • Product Dimensions: 6.8 x 12 x 3.8 inches
  • Item Weight: 2.84 pounds
  • Item model number: SF-7C (Brushed Nickel)
  • Color: Brushed Nickel, Silver
  • Finish: Brushed Nickel
  • Flow Rate: 2.5 GPM
  • Certification: NSF Certification
  • Warranty: Includes full 3-year Limited Warranty!

Two-stage chlorine filtering the key features of this shower water filter. Besides, the shower head is durable in line with other features like five different settings, rubber nozzle, easy installation, and more. The adjustable spray pattern is another impressive feature that you will love most.

Key features:

Two-stage Filtering:

Most of the shower water head filters come with a single filtering feature. But this one has a two-stage water filtering. The filters remove the amount of chlorine as much possible. Therefore, you get a complete bath. Since there is no chlorine, you get shiny skin as well.

Five Different Settings:

At the same time, you can have five different filter settings. Not all the filters come with this feature. You can set pulsating massage as well which will offer an impressive bathing experience. Besides, the rubber nozzle is suitable to clean the body. So, how many features are there? Count them, please.


The filter also comes a metal housing. So, this is durable than you think. The other ordinary shower water filters come with a plastic body. Consequently, they need frequent replacement or repair. But most of the people go for a replacement which is not economic. With this water filter, you can enjoy a durable performance.

Simple Installation:

On the other part, the installation of the filter is easier too. This is a built-in water filter and you can easily place the filter on your shower. It comes with all the necessary components for the easy installation.


  • NSF certified water filtration
  • Removes chlorine
  • Provides smooth skin
  • Easy mounting


  • Water leaks
  • Not works in low water pressure

Shower Filter System: Buying Guide

To get the right shower head water filter, you need to follow certain measures. Remember, you can get a shower head purifier easily. But you need to care for the shower water filter quality as well.

So, having the best shower filter is not a matter of luck, it is your choice. Experts recommend some measures to purchase the best shower head filter. The shower filter reviews above would guide you. But we also have attached some key concepts that you need to follow too.

Filtration Stages:

First of all, you must check the water filtration modes. Some filters come with a single water filtering system. And some of the filters have several stages to purify the water. Thus, you need to check the stages of water filtration before deciding finally about the filter.


On the other part, you have to check the durability of the product. A shower head water filter will not last for a lifetime. Besides, they also will not have poor performance either. It should be moderate and should last for at least six to seven months.

Installation Process:

Moreover, you also should check the installation process of the filter. If it needs professional installment, you must skip the product. In fact, with a professional installment, you have to spend some additional bucks to complete the process. But if the installation comes with a DIY process, you can do it at once.

Filter Settings and Functions:

Some filters have various types of settings. You can use the filtered water in a massage setting to get a water massage. Besides, you can also rub your body with a portion of the filter and more. Hence, this is ideal to check the water filter settings and functions.

Check Reviews:

Another impressive way is to check the reviews of the products. Each of the products has its specifications and you can know about them through the reviews. But remember, not all the reviews are always authentic. If possible, get the reviews from the first-hand users. Besides, you can also check some online reviews as well.

Odor Removal:

Most of the cases, people use a shower water filter to remove water odor. They are caused by a varied number of reasons. And bathing in that water makes an unpleasant experience. So, if you want a fresh bath, you need a shower water filter that can reduce odor. Check this feature in particular before making the purchase.


Besides, another important issue is to check the material used for making the filter. Most of the time, they come with plastic. But make sure the plastic is durable. With the cheap plastics, you cannot expect that the product will provide durable service.

Further, if the plastic is not standard, it may start water leaking. The filter may crack as well. Thereby, the best way is to get a product that comes with standard materials.

Budget Matters:

Before you make the purchase, you have to fix the budget. Usually, people seek a quality product within a low budget range. But this is not the right approach. If you need a quality product, you must spend a smart amount to have it.

So, fix your budget. Get some ideas by checking the products online. It helps to fix the budget and make the purchase accordingly.


Some of the manufacturers do not provide any warranty for the products. So, if the filter cracks, leaks or any other disorder appears, you have to get a new one. But that is not friendly to your wallet. Try to get a shower water filter that comes with a moderate warranty.

Last Words

So, now you have all the necessary information about the shower head water filter. We tried to provide all the essential features, advantages and disadvantages of the shower head purifier. In fact, it took over a week for us to find out the right shower water filter

It was not easy to select the best shower filter amid the existing brands. All the products had their features and specifications. But we also took first-hand reviews from various users to select the best shower head filter.

So, we believe this shower filter reviews will assist you in selecting the right one that fits your needs.